Bloomsburg University Voice, February 23, 1989

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Bloomsburg University Voice
  • 1989 February 23

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Elvis Costello's 'Spike'

Stacey A. Sell

Elvis Costello is undisputably a man of uncompromising and incomparable talent.

He plays about 11 instruments and sings, produces and writes his own lyrics that most people would laugh at.

But the funny thing is that the words he chooses are actually perfectly intertwined into his lyrical interpretation.

Elvis's latest LP titled Spike, which is dedicated to his wife and member of the Pogues, Cait O'Riordan, is a brilliant collection of 14 new songs. Most of the songs are packed with meaningful lyrics.

This is only the second LP in which The Attractions, his usual band, are not featured.

Instead he has brought together the likes of T Bone Burnett, Paul McCartney and many others, playing horns, Spanish guitars, organs and pianos.

The backup band is so extensive that an instrumental is included to show off their talent with screeching sax tones and the deep tootoos of a sousaphone "Chewing Gum" exemplifies his musical creation.

Jazzy guitars keep a steady beat throughout, and the saxophones and other horns ring loud, with the jazz drummer tapping incessantly in the background.

Elvis is not only jazzy on this LP, (although it is highly influenced by jazz), but also uncontrollably hip with the songs "Veronica" and "Pads, Paws and Claws."

Veronica is sure to be a hit, as it has the sound of his older LPs. He has more pure music on this track, and his voice is quick and lively.

But, "Pads, Paws and Claws" is the most genuinely hip song Elvis has come out with in a while.

As soon as the first scream from his mouth hits your cars it will chill your spine with guaranteed excitement.

On "Satellite," Elvis gets help on vocals from Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders. She is a great complement to his raspy voice.

This diversified album is also filled with many soulful, moving ballads such as "Baby Plays Around," "Tramp the Dirt Down" and "Last Boat Leaving."

Listen to this LP and be amazed that this man can keep giving us such incredible music, and still have something new and creative to strum.


The Voice, February 23, 1989

Stacey A. Sell reviews Spike.


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