Bootleg: 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong

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front cover
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  • Radio and TV sessions
  • 1977-12-06 Utica, 4 Acres Club
  • 1977-12-05 Cleveland, Agora
  • 2xLP
  • Slipped Disc Records SX-TT 979/EL5000(1498) (Monaco)


Side 1
Capital Radio session - EC solo (broadcast 1977-09-27)
01. Hoover Factory (missing beginning)
02. You Belong To Me
03. Radio, Radio
John Peel session - Elvis & the Attractions (recorded: 1977-07-25, broadcast: 1977-08-01)
04. Mystery Dance
05. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
06. Less Than Zero
07. Blame It On Cain
Possibly from Granada TV's 'What's On' 1977-07-21
08. Alison (part only)
Elvis & the Attractions, Eric's, Liverpool, 1977-08-02
09. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
10. Watching The Detectives
11. Lip Service
Side 2
12. Watching The Detectives (possibly TV - not live)
13. Tiny Steps (commercial version)
14. Big Tears (commercial version)
1977-12-06 Utica, 4 Acres Club
15. Roadette Song
16. Living In Paradise
17. Little Triggers
1977-12-05 Cleveland, Agora
18. Welcome To The Working Week
19. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
21. Hand In Hand

Side 3 1977-12-05 Cleveland, Agora
22. Waiting For The End Of The World
23. No Action
24. Less Than Zero
25. The Beat
26. No Dancing
27. Big Tears
28. Little Triggers
29. Radio, Radio

Side 4 1977-12-05 Cleveland, Agora
30. You Belong To Me
31. Pump It Up
32. Lipstick Vogue
33. Watching The Detectives
34. Miracle Man
35. Mystery Dance

Release Information

  • Date: ______
  • Media: 2xLP
  • Catalogue number (comments): Slipped Disc Records SX-TT 979/EL5000(1498) (Monaco)


  • Fair. Kinda muddy, but definitely worth the money if you can find it. - Richard Saunders
  • All tracks are good quality, with the live tracks being soundboard or radio recordings - Phil Dennison
  • Essential. The Agora concert appears in better quality on other bootleg CDs, but the Capitol Radio recordings on the Rhino re-issue were taken from a worn copy of this bootleg (hence the heavy noise reduction). But these sound amazing on this LP, so that makes it necessary to get an original copy of on vinyl. - Lemonjello

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