Bootleg: Beacon Theatre 2001

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01. This Subdues My Passion
02. Jelly Roll
03. Clubland
04. The Long Honeymoon
05. Self-Portrait In Three Colors
06. Invisible Lady
07. Chewing Gum
08. Edith And The Kingpin
09. Don't Be Afraid, The Clown's Afraid Too
10. Weird Nightmare
11. Watching The Detectives
12. Almost Blue

Release info

  • Date: 2001
  • Media: CD
  • Catalogue number (comments): Coffee Tea Or Me Records


  • Recorded 2001-11-07 at the Beacon Theatre, New York, NY
  • An excellent audience recording, marred only an odd clicking sound between tracks from someone seated nearby and some conversation before The Long Honeymoon. Acoustics and miking must have been perfect--all instruments can be heard and EC is rarely drowned out by the band. You can even hear EC counting a song's intro off-mike. The EC songs are good, especially The Long Honeymoon, but Watching The Detectives does not work at all. The Mingus songs are hit-and-miss--always challenging, but sometimes there probably shouldn't have been a vocal. Overall, a rewarding CD, even if it's not EC's finest hour. Worth the price if just to finally hear the Joni Mitchell cover! - Todd Rosenstock


  • Excellent audience recording - Todd Rosenstock

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