Bootleg: Berwald Hall

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Tracks [51:40]

01. Accidents Will Happen [5:24]
02. Painted From Memory [4:54]
03. All This Useless Beauty [5:56]
04. Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue [6:18]
05. Put Away Forbidden Playthings [5:46]
06. I Still Have That Other Girl [3:30]
07. What's Her Name Today? [5:26]
08. Almost Blue [7:40]
09. This House Is Empty Now [6:42]

Release Information

  • Date: 1999-__-__
  • Media: CD
  • Catalogue number: Thunderball TB 073



  • The disc features pristine sound, and a well chosen, if somewhat spartan selection of songs. The packaging, although understated, is totally professional, down to the picture disc that reproduces the cover in vivid colour. - T.J. Young

Audio Files

Audio Files

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