Bootleg: Brutal Youth Tour 1994

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01. No Action (starts in middle of song)
02. The Beat (followed by 2:31 of dead air)
03. Accidents Will Happen
04. Beyond Belief
05. Sulky Girl
06. London's Brilliant Parade
07. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
08. Everyday I Write The Book
09. Hand In Hand
10. Clown Strike
11. Kinder Murder
12. Less Than Zero
13. Rocking Horse Road
14. Still Too Soon To Know
15. You Tripped At Every Step
16. Shipbuilding
17. Mystery Dance
18. Watching The Detectives
19. You Belong To Me
20. 13 Steps Lead Down / Radio, Radio

Release Information

  • Date:
  • Media: CD
  • Catalogue number: Blue Moon Records BMCD 31


  • A copy of Buddy Holly On Acid (Rome, 1994-07-18), but with each song in the segues being a separate track. The 2.5 minutes of dead air still hasn't been edited out.


  • 9.5/10 - Olivier Rudolphi

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