Bootleg: Danger Zone

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front cover
back cover
  • Label credit is "Tex and the Attractions".
  • The track listing on the sleeve is incorrect and includes "Man Out Of Time". Possibly a version of this exists with this incorrect listing (label: Sherlock Holmes shlp-0621).
  • 1000 numbered copies pressed.
  • There seems to be 2 versions/pressings of this LP, one with a black & white sleeve, and the other with a colour sleeve.


Side 1
From the Kid Jensen BBC Radio One session, 1983-06-09
01. Danger Zone
02. Big Sister's Clothes / Stand Down Margaret
03. Pills And Soap
George Jones HBO special, 1981-04-28
04. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down
05. He's Got You [Hank Cochran]
Russell Harty, BBC TV, 1981-11-03
06. Colour Of The Blues
07. Sweet Dreams

Side 2
Honky Tonk Demos (from original tape), Mar-75
01. Lip Service
02. Wave A White Flag
03. Blame It On Cain
04. Jump Up
05. Mystery Dance
06. Poison Moon
Late Night With David Letterman, NBC, 1982-08-23
07. Kid About It (live)

Release information

  • Date: 1985____
  • Media: LP
  • Catalogue number (comments): no record label, Q9019


  • Although the sound isn't that great, I'd highly recommend this boot. The '81 & '83 live stuff are worth the price of admission alone - Matthew Berlyant

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