Bootleg: Everyday I Play The Boot

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Side 1:
01. Let Them All Talk
02. Possession
03. Watching The Detectives
04. Secondary Modern
05. The Greatest Thing
06. Man Out Of Time
Side 2:
07. Kid About It
08. Mystery Dance
09. Shabby Doll
10. Pidgin English
11. Hand In Hand
12. New Lace Sleeves
Side 3:
13. Big Sister's Clothes
14. You Belong To Me
15. Clubland
16. Everyday I Write The Book
17. Watch Your Step
18. Back Stabbers / King Horse
Side 4:
19. Clowntime Is Over
20. Tears Before Bedtime
21. High Fidelity
22. TKO (Boxing Day)
23. I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
24. Pump It Up

Release info

  • Date:
  • Media: 2xLP(+7")
  • Catalogue number (comments): Off-Beat (COS-1,2,3,4 inscribed on discs)


  • Almost the complete set from Pier 84, New York, NY, 1983-08-10.
  • This was originally released with the first 2 songs badly mismastered. The rest of both discs was fine, pretty standard bootleg quality. Shortly afterwards the bootlegger released a 7" with corrected versions of the tracks. It was supposed to be given away free to people who had already bought the album. (Honour among thieves!) The single came in a plain white sleeve with record labels that were different to the album labels, but in the same style: a comic-book-like picture of a man in a fedora reading a newspaper, orange on one side and white on the other (no type).


  • ECIS reports that copy quality of this audience recording varies from very good mono to poor. The fine playing from EC+A & The TKO Horns makes up for the shortfall in quality. The version of Tears Before Bedtime with the Horns is probably quite unusual.
  • This has such bad sound quality that I didn't even bother to tape it! - Melinda Hale (Maybe Melinda had a mismastered copy!)

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