Bootleg: Hate You Live

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Hate You Live
Bootleg Hate You Live front.jpg
unofficial recording of
Elvis Costello & The Attractions
RecordedFeb. 13, 1979, Long Beach, CA
LabelK & S (or Smiling Dog)
Back cover and label.

According to Going Through The Motions, side one is from February 13, 1979, Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA. Side two is a bunch of pirated B-sides and give-aways (before Taking Liberties this was worth something. "Neat Neat Neat" was the only one not to appear on that album).


Side 1
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Goon Squad  Elvis Costello  
2. Opportunity  Elvis Costello  
3. Oliver's Army  Elvis Costello  
4. Busy Bodies  Elvis Costello  
5. Two Little Hitlers  Elvis Costello  
6. Green Shirt  Elvis Costello  
7. Big Boys  Elvis Costello  
8. Party Girl  Elvis Costello  
Side 2
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Wednesday Week  Elvis Costello  
2. Talking In The Dark  Elvis Costello  
3. Stranger In The House  Elvis Costello  
4. Neat Neat Neat  Elvis Costello  
5. Radio Sweetheart  Elvis Costello  
6. Night Rally  Elvis Costello  
7. My Funny Valentine  Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart  

Release info

  • Date:
  • Media: LP
  • Catalogue number (comments): Smiling Dog? EC9000


  • The live recording has the frequency response of a telephone. The pirated stuff sounds okay - Richard Saunders

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