Bootleg: I Stand Accused

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I Stand Accused
1979 I Stand Accused Bootleg cover.jpg
unofficial recording of
Elvis Costello & The Attractions
RecordedApril 12, 1979, Bethlehem, PA
LabelGreat Dane Records
Back cover.
Disc and booklet.

Elvis Costello & The Attractions, April 12, 1979, Grace Hall, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA. Soundboard recording.


Disc 1
TitleWriter(s) Length
1. I Stand Accused (part)Tony Colton & Ray Smith 2:31
2. Goon Squad  Elvis Costello 3:05
3. Two Little Hitlers  Elvis Costello 3:19
4. B Movie  Elvis Costello 2:43
5. Oliver's Army  Elvis Costello 3:02
6. Girls Talk  Elvis Costello 1:41
7. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea  Elvis Costello 4:39
8. Green Shirt  Elvis Costello 3:06
9. Opportunity  Elvis Costello 2:38
10. Tiny Steps  Elvis Costello 3:51
11. The Beat  Elvis Costello 3:55
12. Roadette Song  Ian Dury & Russell Hardy 4:03
13. High Fidelity (slow version)Elvis Costello 3:48
14. Accidents Will Happen  Elvis Costello 2:52
15. Watching The Detectives  Elvis Costello 8:21
16. Big Boys  Elvis Costello 3:10
17. Radio, Radio  Elvis Costello 3:23
18. Pump It Up  Elvis Costello 2:57
19. You Belong To Me  Elvis Costello 2:47

Release info

  • Date: 1990
  • Media: CD
  • Catalogue number (comments): Great Dane Records GDR CD 9024 (Italy)


  • One track is missing - "Lipstick Vogue" was played between "Accidents Will Happen" and "Watching The Detectives."
  • "I Stand Accused" is missing about 20 seconds at the beginning, but begins on the first lyric.
  • "Radio, Radio" ends abruptly, and the encore break is edited out.
  • The back cover has the name of the school as "Lehigh Community College."


  • '0' - Joachim Weisbrod
  • The sound quality is far from perfect (a bit treble-heavy, which at least makes the keyboards stand out), I'd rate it better than 'not that great', and the performance and set list make the disc fairly worthwhile. The opening track is a bit tinny and distorted, after that it improves but stays 'raw'. A must have for the EC fan. This concert follows within a month of the 'Bramlett incident' on a tour that was cut short. The guitar parts on (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea are worth hearing, and in general his playing is jagged and vicious - Albert Steg
  • Performance: 8/10. Sound: 7/10 - John Steffes

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