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UGBC books Elvis for first concert in Forum

Patricia McNerney

UGBC Programming announced this week that "Elvis Costello, solo in concert with Nick Lowe" will perform in Conte Forum on Friday, March 31 at 8pm.

The Senate Finance Committee and the Senate chairperson officially approved and signed the contract with Elvis Costello last Saturday, said Chris Hentemann, UGBC Vice President for Programming.

Tickets will go on sale in the McElroy lobby ticket booth on Tuesday from 11:00am until 3:00pm, said Hentemann. Tickets will cost $10 and each student can purchase two with a BC ID. There are 4500 tickets available, he continued.

Marisa Fusaro, UGBC Director of Programming, said that Costello puts on a "big stage show." Hentemann added that because of the large amount of audience participation Costello excites most of the seating will be on the floor. There will be little seating in the rafters, he said.

Hentemann had originally tried to book Costello on April 9 but Costello was unavailable and it seemed unlikely that he would be able to fit BC into his college tour. After renegotiating, however, UGBC was able to book Costello on the March 31 date, Hentemann said.

UGBC is paying Costello a flat rate of $27,500 which includes his opening act, Nick Lowe, sound and lights, and all other support. Costello's contractors originally wanted a commission as well but this was negotiated out of the contract in favor of the flat rate.

BC is actually getting "a bargain" in terms of other schools which are paying Costello $30,000 for the same concert, said Hentemann.

UGBC is also waiting for a written confirmation from Jesse Jackson who has tentatively agreed to speak in Conte Forum on April 26. The confirmation should come this week.

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The Heights, March 13, 1989

Patricia McNerney reports on Elvis Costello's upcoming concert, Friday, March 31, 1989, Conte Forum, Boston, Massachusetts.


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