CBS Broadcast Newsletter, April 1978

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CBS Broadcast Newsletter
  • 1978 April

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Elvis Costello

CBS Broadcast Newsletter

Elvis Costello is one of the most talked about new artists in contemporary music today. He has received an incredible amount of press including editorial pieces at every major rock publication, a full page feature in Time Magazine and reams of rave reviews. His first Columbia release, My Aim Is True has been garnered with awards ...... "Album of The Year" in Rolling Stone's Critics Awards ...... Crawdaddy's "New Artist Of The Year" ...... Record World's "Import Album of The Year."

Elvis has also received unanimous acceptance at radio. My Aim Is True was on most top-ten radio playlists for 1977 and reached the #3 position in Record World's (issue dated 2/25/78) A.O.R. airplay report. His following continues to grow at an explosive rate as witnessed by his record breaking appearance on NBC's Saturday Night Live. Elvis continues to deliver the goods with This Year's Model. Produced by Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello's amazing second album will more than satisfy his many Top 40 and A.O.R. fans.


CBS Broadcast Newsletter, April 1978

Elvis Costello is featured on the cover CBS' Broadcast Newsletter.


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