Canberra Times, April 11, 1980

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Get Happy!!

Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Luis Feliu

Elvis Costello has started to smile a little more now. Recent live performances have been marked by this unusual phenomenon from this dearly-loved venomous minstrel.

Our Oliver now crusades for a victory of mirth over melancholy madness and packs a 20-hit armoury in his fourth flaunt. "Get Happy" undoubtedly has been playing regularly on Elvis's army of zealots' turntables since its release and I bet you love it though still need to taste it a little more. I had only heard one of the two non-originals off the disc. "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down" on radio recently and wondered whether there were even better ditties on the choc-a-bloc LP.

There is. Included among an interesting array of short, sharp tunes like "The Imposter," "Motel Matches," "Human Touch," "Riot Act," "Man Called Uncle," "Beaten To the Punch" and "Love for Tender" is a love story trilogy which he does in concert "Temptation," "Opportunity" and "Possession."

One thing I did notice. Bruce Thomas's bass and Pete Thomas's drums sound a bit strained or not as gutsy, when volume is turned down so turn it right up to get the full benefits of the crystal-clear production.

It also takes a few listenings before it begins to grow on you, but that's the fun of it.


The Canberra Times, TV-Radio Guide, April 11, 1980

Luis Feliu reviews Get Happy!!


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