Canberra Times, April 25, 1984

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Costello tour a far cry from the days of computers

Canberra Times

Elvis Costello's third Australian tour is a far cry from the days when there used to be a computer operator called Declan McManus.

Most young people have probably heard the name Elvis Costello but how many would be aware of Declan, a person who before the birth of Elvis existed in the days when one only dreamed about breaking into the music industry and becoming a rock star.

The 30-year-old son of a dance-band singer, it was not until Declan was 23 that he invented Elvis Costello, a star who was to play a large part in the British rock revival of the late '70s.

Costello and his band, The Attractions, managed to ride the wave successfully while refusing to he categorised.

Costello began his working life as a computer operator, a job he kept until he managed to break into the music industry in London After many rejections by publishers and record companies, he finally broke through in 1976.

His new deal with RCA Records resulted in the Punch the Clock album and the hit single "Every Day I Write the Book." A new album is expected to coincide with the tour.

Elvis Costello and The Attractions will be performing at the Canberra Theatre on May 23. Tickets are available through Canberra Bass outlets.


Canberra Times, April 25, 1984

Canberra Times profiles Elvis Costello ahead of his concert with The Attractions, Wednesday, May 23, 1984, Canberra Theatre, Australia.


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