Canberra Times, December 5, 1978

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$2,000 damage caused at rock concert

Canberra Times

SYDNEY — Rioting fans of English rock singer Elvis Costello destroyed seats and furnishings worth $2,000 at his Regent Theatre concert in Sydney on Sunday night.

The stage was pelted with seats, bottles and cans when the bespectacled new wave star and his three-piece band, the Attractions, failed to return for an encore after the 55-minute performance.

At least 50 seats were snapped from their fixtures and hurled on to the stage. Several curtains were torn down and three plate-glass windows were smashed.

The Melbourne entrepreneur and tour promoter, Mr Zev Eisik, estimated damage at "at least $2,000."

The 2,500 fans who paid $9.50 a ticket would not leave the theatre when the house lights were turned down and taped music was played through the public address system.

Ushers tried to quell the 30-minute rampage of destruction until police arrived. No arrests were made.

"If I'd been a concert-gocr I'd have been upset with the show," Mr Eisik said.

He said that Costello's party was unhappy with the tour arrangements.

"I've promoted 30 concerts here at the Regent this year and I've never had any problems," he said.

"Backstage I knew the situation was getting grave and I attempted to get Costello to continue performing." He said the request was refused and a fight ensued.

When questioned later members of the group would not comment on the incident. Costello's tour contract states that he will not give interviews.


The Canberra Times, December 5, 1978

Canberra Times reports on the Elvis Costello & The Attractions concert, Sunday, December 3, 1978, Regent Theatre, Sydney, Australia.


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