Cash Box, December 23, 1978

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Cash Box

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Sydney rock fans turned their fury on the Regent Theatre after Elvis Costello failed to give them an encore. Costello, Britain's top new wave performer, would not come back on stage after a show of less than 60 minutes because he said the audience reaction was "too mechanical."

The initial cheers from the 200-plus crowd turned into boos and catcalls when it became clear Costello was not coming back on stage. Next, pieces of the seats started hurtling towards the stage, first from the circle area and then from the stalls.

Announcements over the public address system were made, asking the crowd to disperse peacefully or all other Costello concerts would be cancelled. The crowd then began to leave the theatre amid chants of "Elvis loves his money" and "Costello is a capitalist." Several hundred people gathered outside the theatre, ripping Elvis posters from the entrance.


The Falcons will have a new record out to coincide with its Elvis Costello support stint. The record was originally scheduled to be an EP, but will now be a shortened album sold at a reduced price.

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Cash Box, December 23, 1978

Peter Blunden reports on trouble following the Elvis Costello concert, Sunday, December 3, 1978, Regent Theatre, Sydney, Australia.


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