Cash Box, December 24, 1977

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Cash Box

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Saturday Night breakdown

Randy Lewis

By the time this goes to press, Saturday Night Live! for December 17 will have featured Elvis Costello as the musical performer, because the Sex Pistols cancelled their appearance the Tuesday before it was to air. The date was booked, but the group's management decided to break their agreement because the Pistols had finally won their battle to do a British tour under their own name, after a ban on live performances lasting several months. The tour, which began on Friday. December 16, will include 10 dates through Christmas, coinciding with the release of the group's most tastelessly titled single to date, "Belsen Is A Gas." Tickets are priced for the proletariat at one and three-quarter pounds apiece. While there's no doubt that this British tour is long overdue for the group, the fact remains that they have seriously alienated the executive staff of Saturday Night Live! The group and management's handling of the situation was termed "unprofessional" by associate producer Jean Doumanian, who stated firmly, "I personally am through with the Sex Pistols."

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Cash Box, December 24, 1977

Randy Lewis notes EC's appearance on Saturday Night Live.


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