Cash Box, September 24, 1977

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Cash Box

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CBS bidding for U.S. dist. rights of Stiff Records

Cash Box

LOS ANGELES — Columbia Records is negotiating with England's Stiff Records for possible distribution rights within the United States in what one source indicates may be a multi-million dollar transaction.

Artists who are handled by Stiff in the U.K. are Elvis Costello, whose album, My Aim Is True, is currently rocketing up the British charts; new wave band The Damned and songwriter Nick Lowe.

A CBS spokesman said that while the company is talking to Stiff about distribution rights, nothing has yet been finalized.

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Cash Box, September 24, 1977

Cash Box reports on negotiations between Columbia and Stiff.


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Elvis Costello

Chuck Comstock / Points West


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Rumor has it that Columbia is negotiating with English rocker Elvis Costello. Costello has been compared to Springsteen, Van Morrison, Graham Parker and Elvis Presley by those who have seen his mostly SRO appearances in the U.K. Costello took his first name when he decided to enter rock and roll to give up his job as a computer operator.

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