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      1st UK TourStiffs Live1st US Tour2nd US Tour1978 UK3rd US Tour1978 EuropeWake Up Canada1978 Japan1978 Australia   <<>>
1978-79 UKArmed Funk1980 UK1980 EuropeEnglish MugsA Tour To Trust1981 SwedenAlmost '821982 Netherlands
1982 Australia-NZ1982 USBedrooms Of BritainJune 1983 UKClocking In AmericaClocking In UKClocking In Europe1984 France
1984 US Solo1984 Australia-NZ1984 US Tour1984 UK Tour1984 European Solo1985 Australia-NZCostello Sings AgainAlmost Alone
Mason Dixon1987 Japan1987 Australia1989 US Solo1989 UK1989 Europe1989 Japan1989 US Rude 5Come Back In A Million Years
1993 Europe1994 US Tour1994 Europe1994 Japan1994 UK1995 Spain1996 C&N1996 Europe1996 US1996 Japan
Lonely WorldLandmine Free World2002 US Summer2002 Japan2002 European2002 US Fall 2003 US Tour2003 Europe
2004 North2004 JapanMonkey Speaks His Mind2005 Emmylou Harris2006 US Tour2007 US Tour2007 Europe2007 Dylan Tour
2008 Police Tour2009 UK Tour2009 Sugarcanes2009 Australia2010 EuropeRevolverAll These StrangersCentenary
2013 Australia2013 US2014 US2014 EuropeDetour2015 USDetour 2016Imperial BedroomDetour 20172018 Europe
Look NowBlondie & Beastly E.C.Just TrustJust Trust UKHello AgainThe Boy Named IfSummer Holiday2024 Australia

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