Cavan Anglo-Celt, January 21, 1999

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Cavan Anglo-Celt
  • 1999 January 21

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Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach
— who would have thought?


Painted From Memory is the title of an extraordinary collaboration, that of Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach, who would ever have thought of it. There is nearly a full generation in years between the two men but more appropriately a century between them musically. Burt Bacharach has his feet firmly planted in orchestral composition, whereas Elvis Costello is very much a lyricist who seems to make the melody of secondary importance to my mind. None the less here it is, an album of fourteen songs written and composed by these two legends. It's a marriage that seems to work. I am not a fan of Elvis Costello or his music but what Burt Bacharach has done with this album is wonderful. It is full of "mood." It was very definitely created and composed. It has an intimate feel to it, as if the listener is in a small theatre enjoying the intimacy of a "live" performance. Painted From Memory is an album for those of a particular musical taste. It is definitely not mainstream, but there is a touch of "Plush Velvet," about this recording. If you like Elvis Costello's songwriting skills or have enjoyed the orchestral compositions of Burt Bacharach then this album is worth a listen.

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The Anglo-Celt, January 21, 1999

The Anglo-Celt reviews Painted From Memory.


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