Chaos UK: Heard It Seen It Done It

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Heard It, Seen It, Done It
Chaos UK Heard It Seen It Done It album cover.jpg
studio album by
Chaos UK
LabelDiscipline (UK)

1997 album by Chaos UK includes a cover of "Pump It Up."


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Gob On You  Chris Smith 2:10
2. You Bastard  Ferguson, Perry 1:18
3. Public Image  Levene, Lydon, Walker, Wardle, Wobble 2:28
4. Butcher Baby  Stetts, Stotts, Swenson 2:56
5. Pump It Up  Elvis Costello 3:02
6. Don't Talk To Me  Allin 2:31
7. New Religion  Adlington 1:46
8. Sick Of You  Bor, Free, Haight, Kwok 3:22
9. Fuck All Y'all  Scene 2:57
10. Handle With Care  Barnard, Garvey 2:20
11. Witch Hunt  Wilson, Youe 3:42
12. Plaistow Patricia  Ian Dury, Steve Nugent 3:52
13. Blackmail Man  Ian Dury, Steve Nugent 2:02
14. Belsen Was A Gas  Beverley, Cook, Jones, Lydon 1:57

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