Chico News & Review, October 25, 2001

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You know you're getting older when a reissue hits the marketplace and you think to yourself, "Wait a minute, didn't that album first come out just a couple of years ago?" This one was originally released in 1989 and is now being reissued in a remastered edition, with an entire bonus disc filled with unreleased performances and demo versions of songs from the original album. (Similarly configured reissues of King of America and My Aim Is True hit the street at the same time.) The remastering is welcome, and a couple of the previously unreleased tracks will be gladly received by Costello's fan base. The demos are mostly curiosities and will be avidly desired only by completists. But it's good to see this album, which never got the critical praise it deserved, being given a second shot.


Chico News & Review, August 17, 2006

Rick Anderson reviews the Rhino reissue of Spike


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