City Chains, August 1977

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City Chains



In action at the Hope and Anchor

Elvis Costello And The Attractions


They let us in about 8.20, we all made a dash for the bar (after waiting a fucking long time we bloody needed a long cool drink). In no time at all it was filling up, so we pushed our way to the front, it was really hot and the heat was bloody rising. We still had to wait an hour, it must of been the hottest place in London.

Costello was late and tempers built up as the room got more and more packed; much swearing and slow hand-clapping was coming from the audience; inevitably ill-feeling mounted.

Costello had to be fucking good or trouble...

Costello came shyly on stage to a mixed reception, and burst into "Welcome To The Working Week." He fixed his stare straight ahead only relenting the stare to glance at his guitar fingerwork which I would like to add my comments that he was good.

It took one song, that's all, to get everyone behind him and when other classics were unleashed, such as "Less Than Zero," which was possibly the highlight of the show, along with "Radio Sweetheart," then he was really king of the house.

Each song received a great reception. As most people had heard the LP the songs were instantly recognisable.

Costello introduced two new numbers that were possible to catch. These were "Crawling Back To The USA" and "The Beat," both neat numbers.

The band complimented Costello's style by keeping well within their roles but even the guitarist Bruce Thomas couldn't help getting excited and moved by the crowds reactions.

Costello hardly smiled during the whole set but even he must have felt good inside at how well things were going.

Costello introduced the next number: "This one's about fucking right for here tonight, it's called 'No Dancing'."  This seems to be one of Costello's favorites and the crowd's too.

He was nearing the end of the set and added "Mystery Dance" to the show and then wounded it up with "Waiting For The End Of The World."

Off he went with his band, but he was screamed back for two more encores which included "Alison," a soft number which gave Costello a hard time to reach the high notes.

Costello made a well-planned exit from the stage, as the crowd would have had him there all night if it had been possible.

If you want to see Costello, catch him now because if you leave it a few months, you'll have a fight for tickets to see him at a bigger and less personal venues!

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Photos by Chig and Elaine.

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City Chains, No. 1, August 1977

Chig reviews Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Wednesday, July 27, 1977, Hope And Anchor, London, England.

Chig profiles EC and Elaine reviews the single for "Red Shoes."


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The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes

Elvis Costello


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Lovely drum and guitar intro, and then Costello's voice breaking into another classic. I've been playing this ever since I got the LP. I couldn't stop playing it. If justice is done it's a chart chance, but then justice is slow on the uptake.

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Photo by Chig and Elaine.

In view


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By now you would have heard of Elvis Costello. If you haven't then pay close attention.

It has been divulged that Elvis was born in London but in the years after this he has left several times to live in Liverpool and obscure places around the capital.

He has been writing songs since his teenage years. (When he had a job as a computer terminator in Acton, he has written most of his songs on the underground train journeys to and thro work.)

Elvis paid Stiff a visit in August 76, with a guitar and a voice tape of his work. Robinson and Riviera signed him up end the rest is just history. Since then he has had "Less Than Zero" and "Alison" out as singles, released his first LP, the aptly named My Aim Is True, and at the moment he is on the crest of a wave that is gonna wash him into the charts, and the Big League where he so rightly belongs.

So if you haven't caught sight of him in person, fucking hurry up because the next time you're gonna need binoculars to see him in action.

Elvis resents being tagged to anything as regards to inspiration but these such out like a sore spot once you've heard the LP. I can't say enough about his music it is a delight to hear, they leave a instant imprint on your brain...

Costello doesn't consider himself punk, like I said earlier on he doesn't like comparisons, but he still has the same general feelings and aggressive attitudes befitting alot of punks (who are just pissed off with people older and in more powerful positions.) Costello is here now and when punk music move into a new and different form as it inevitably has to to avoid becoming stagnant like rotten MP's... like previous musical eras Costello still aims to be true!

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