City Chains, September 1977

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City Chains




City Chains

God save Elvis Costello — please.

If any of you were unlucky enough to see TOTP, you'd have seen Costello's 100 and 1 ways to murder a classic, namely "The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes." The TOTP version had been recorded in the BBC studio earlier on, only to be mimed when the cameras were rolling.

Costello must have had a logical reason for miming, coz, he is an absolutely brilliant live performer. If not I beg him to drop this sadist form of sabotage.

Almost every word of the song he mouthed, was badly out of time and the aggressive face pulling looked pathetic, as did the whole embarrassing show. I'm sure when Costello saw it afterwards he realised how useless it was and if that is the case knowing how Costello is, it won't happen again. Or woz he taking the mick!


City Chains, No. 2, September - October 1977

City Chains comments on EC's appearance on Top Of The Pops, and on his Sunday night residency (Aug. 7 - Sep. 4) at The Nashville.


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Elvis Costello

City Chains

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Elvis Costello has broken the Top Thirty with his Lp. Remember what I told you about how difficult tickets would be to get hold of, well it's already started to happen, the Nashville is packed every Sunday, there is going to be many disappointed Costello Fans I can tell ya!


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