Clover: Homestead Redemption

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Homestead Redemption
Homestead Redemption album cover.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedSummer, 2018
ProducerJohn McFee
LabelOil Field Trash

2018 album by Clover includes Mr. Moon featuring Elvis Costello.


Title Length
1. Lizard Rock'N'Roll Band    
2. Fourty Niner    
3. Love Is Gone    
4. Mr. Moon    
5. Goin' To The Country    
6. Could You Call It Love    
7. Monopoly    
8. Go Raise Hell Up In Heaven    
9. Harvest    
10. Stealin'    
11. Mitch's Tune    
12. Mr Moon (string quartet version) - featuring Elvis Costello    
13. Chicken Butt    


Clover Alumni contributors

Special guests

  • Elvis Costello - vocals on Mr. Moon (string quartet version)
  • Pete Thomas - drums on Mr. Moon (string quartet version) and Stealin'; percussion on Goin' To The Country and Mitch's Tune

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