Concert 1977-11-23 New Orleans

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Wednesday, November 23, 1977
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1st US Tour




01. No Dancing
02. Waiting For The End Of The World
03. No Action
04. Stranger In The House
05. Roadette Song
06. Alison
07. Blame It On Cain
08. The Beat
09. Less Than Zero

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Opening act

  • Lil' Queenie & The Percolators
    There was the time Tom Waits came to see her play and they wound up sharing flasks. Or the time she opened for Elvis Costello at his first New Orleans gig, when fans put cherry bombs in the toilets that made the whole place smell like a sewage lagoon. - mplsbear
    November '77 at Jed's in New Orleans. It was the night before Thanksgiving. Elvis hung out while the opening band, Lil Queenie and the Percolators played. My Aim is True had just come out in the US and the Attractions played smoking versions of everything. Near the end of the show, the toilets backed up and flooded the club floor. It was my first concert. - Roger Burg



Memorabilia Tickets, stage setlist, posters, programs, etc.


Official releases:

  • None

Broadcast recordings

Bootleg 1977-11-23 New Orleans front.jpg Bootleg 1977-11-23 New Orleans back.jpg Bootleg 1977-11-23 New Orleans disc.jpg Bootleg 1977-11-23 New Orleans booklet.jpg

Audience recordings:

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