Concert 1978-04-22 Royal Oak (early)

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Saturday, April 22, 1978 (early)
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3rd US Tour




01. Waiting For The End Of The World
02. No Action
03. This Year's Girl
04. Lip Service
05. Less Than Zero (Dallas Version)
06. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
07. The Beat
08. Radio, Radio
09. Pump It Up
10. Miracle Man - with band intro
11. Watching The Detectives
12. You Belong To Me

  • Start time:
  • End time:

Opening acts

  • Nick Lowe with Rockpile
     So It Goes   Fool Too Long   I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll)   I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass   They Called It Rock   Trouble Boys   JuJu Man   Heart Of The City
  • Mink DeVille
     Venus Of Avenue D   Gunslinger   Steady Drivin' Man   Just Your Friends   Guardian Angel    'A' Train Baby   Cadillac Walk   Spanish Stroll   Soul Twist



1978-04-22 Royal Oak screencap 01.jpg 1978-04-22 Royal Oak screencap 05.jpg 1978-04-22 Royal Oak screencap 03.jpg

1978-04-22 Royal Oak screencap 06.jpg 1978-04-22 Royal Oak screencap 09.jpg 1978-04-22 Royal Oak screencap 10.jpg

1978-04-22 Royal Oak screencap 11.jpg 1978-04-22 Royal Oak screencap 12.jpg 1978-04-22 Royal Oak screencap 07.jpg
Screen captures from video footage.

Memorabilia Tickets, stage setlist, posters, programs, etc.


Official releases:

  • None


Audience recordings:

  • Two audience recordings exist.
  • JEMS recording:
Bootleg 1978-04-22e Royal Oak2 front.jpg Bootleg 1978-04-22e Royal Oak2 back.jpg Bootleg 1978-04-22e Royal Oak2 disc.jpg Bootleg 1978-04-22e Royal Oak2 booklet.jpg      
  • Artwork for combined early and late show - JEMS recording
Bootleg 1978-04-22 Royal Oak front.jpg Bootleg 1978-04-22 Royal Oak back.jpg Bootleg 1978-04-22 Royal Oak disc.jpg Bootleg 1978-04-22 Royal Oak booklet.jpg      
  • Recording 2, unknown taper:
Bootleg 1978-04-22e Royal Oak front.jpg Bootleg 1978-04-22e Royal Oak back.jpg Bootleg 1978-04-22e Royal Oak disc.jpg Bootleg 1978-04-22e Royal Oak booklet.jpg      


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