Concert 1978-06-12 Cambridge

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Monday, June 12, 1978
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1978 European Tour




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  • In the summer of my first year at Cambridge, Elvis Costello played the May ball. He greeted the revellers with a sneering “Hello penguins,” played a very strictly contractual 45 minutes and went off, still sneering. - Mark Jones, Times Online, 2007-01-30.
  • In the late 70s and early 80s what I remember most was how it was a badge of honour to blag your way – with as little payment as possible – into as many May Balls as you could .... The trouble was, once you’d succeeded in committing this puny act of insurrection against the bow-tied structures of privilege, as likely as not you’d see what you’d always assumed was a cutting edge punk act – Elvis Costello, the UK Subs, Iggy Pop – selling out in every way imaginable in front of a crowd of baying debs and hooray henrys. And if you made it to dawn, it was invariably raining... - Martin Rowson, Varsity, May 2008
  • One was an angry, white-knuckle affair in a May Ball marquee set in the manicured grounds of an exclusive Cambridge University college. (I was there as an impossibly young hack.) It felt as if each member of the band had been reading Class War before they came on stage. - Ian Penman, London Guardian, December 22, 2015.


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