Concert 1979-02-14 Long Beach

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Wednesday, February 14, 1979
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Armed Funk Tour




01. Goon Squad
02. Opportunity
03. Oliver's Army
04. Busy Bodies
05. Two Little Hitlers
06. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
07. Green Shirt
08. Moods For Moderns
09. No Dancing
10. Sad About Girls
11. Big Tears
12. Motel Matches
13. Accidents Will Happen
14. Big Boys
15. Party Girl
16. Lipstick Vogue
17. Watching The Detectives
18. Pump It Up
19. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?
20. Radio, Radio

  • Start time:
  • End time:

Opening act

  • The Rubinoos
    Rockin' In The Jungle    Arcade Queen    Hold Me    Hard To Get    I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend    Drivin' Music    Please Please Me    Walk Don't Run    I Think We're Alone Now    Rock And Roll Is Dead



1979-02-14 Long Beach photo 01.jpg 1979-02-14 Long Beach photo 02.jpg 1979-02-14 Long Beach photo 03.jpg
Photos thanks to stillrockindown.

Steve Smith, Rolling Stone Gary Oster, Moods For Moderns Gary Oster, Moods For Moderns
Photos from Rolling Stone by Steve Smith and Moods For Moderns by Gary Oster.

Memorabilia Tickets, stage setlist, posters, programs, etc.

1979-02-14 Long Beach ticket 1.jpg 1979-02-14 Long Beach ticket 2.jpg

1979-02-14 Long Beach stage pass.jpg
Stage pass.


Official releases:

  • None

Soundboard recordings:

  • A soundboard recording circulates.
    • Artwork:
Bootleg 1979-02-14 Long Beach front.jpg Bootleg 1979-02-14 Long Beach back.jpg Bootleg 1979-02-14 Long Beach disc.jpg Bootleg 1979-02-14 Long Beach booklet.jpg      

Audience recordings:

  • An audience recording exists.
    • Artwork:
Bootleg 1979-02-14 Long Beach2 front.jpg Bootleg 1979-02-14 Long Beach2 back.jpg Bootleg 1979-02-14 Long Beach2 disc.jpg Bootleg 1979-02-14 Long Beach2 booklet.jpg      

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