Concert 1980-08-23 Bowmanville

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Saturday, August 23, 1980
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01. Shot With His Own Gun
02. Accidents Will Happen
03. The Beat
04. Temptation
05. Green Shirt
06. You'll Never Be A Man
07. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
08. Secondary Modern
09. Lovers Walk
10. Less Than Zero
11. Big Tears
12. High Fidelity
13. Alison
14. Lipstick Vogue
15. Clubland
16. Oliver's Army
17. Watching The Detectives
18. You Belong To Me
19. Radio, Radio
Encore 1
20. Pump It Up
Encore 2
21. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?
22. Mystery Dance
23. I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down

  • Start time:
  • End time:

Other performers

  • Vladymir Rogov and Arkitex
  • Teenage Head
  • BB Gabor
  • Holly and The Italians
  • Rockpile
     Sweet Little Lisa   So It Goes   I Knew The Bride Queen Of Hearts   Switchboard Susan   Trouble Boys   Girls Talk Three Time Loser   You Ain't Nothin' But Fine   Crawling From The Wreckage   Let It Rock   Oh The Good Life   Singing The Blues   I Hear You Knocking   They Called It Rock   Ju Ju Man   Down Down Down   Lets Talk About Us
  • The Rumour
     Tula   Leaders   Somethin's Goin' On   My Little Red Book   Loving You (Is Far Too Easy)   Just Another Whistle Stop   Looking After Number One   Frozen Years   More Than She Will Say   All Boys Lie   One Of Us Has Got To Go   I Don't Want The Night To End   The Rubberband Man   Have You Seen My Baby?
  • The B-52s
     Planet Claire   6060-842   Devil In My Car   52 Girls   Quiche Lorraine   Dirty Back Road   Lava   Give Me Back My Man   Strobe Light   Private Idaho   Runnin' Around   Rock Lobster   Dance This Mess Around   Party Out Of Bounds
  • Talking Heads
     Psycho Killer   Warning Sign   Stay Hungry   Cities   I Zimbra   Once In A Lifetime   Houses In Motion   Born Under Punches   Crosseyed And Painless   Life During Wartime   Take Me To The River
  • The Pretenders
     Precious   The Adultress   Kid Space Invader   Private Life   Brass In Pocket   Stop Your Sobbing   The Wait   Louie Louie   Porcelain   Tattooed Love Boys   Up The Neck   Mystery Achievement
  • The Kings




1980-08-23 Bowmanville screencap 01.jpg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville screencap 02.jpg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville screencap 03.jpg
Screen captures from video footage.

1980-08-23 Bowmanville photo 05 bh.jpg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville photo 06 bh.jpg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville photo 01 andronus.jpg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville photo 02 andronus.jpg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville photo 03 jg95.jpg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville photo 04 jg95.jpg
Photos by Bart Hanlon, andronus and Jeremy Gilbert.

Memorabilia Tickets, stage setlist, posters, programs, etc.

1980-08-23 Heatwave poster.jpg 1980-08-23 Heatwave poster 2.jpg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville tickets.jpg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville ticket 3.jpg
Concert posters and tickets; ticket sheet thanks to ellaguru.

1980-08-23 Heatwave sticker.jpg


Official releases:

  • None

Video recordings:

Soundboard recordings:

  • A Soundboard recording circulates.
  • Artwork:
Bootleg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville SBD front.jpg Bootleg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville SBD back.jpg Bootleg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville SBD disc.jpg Bootleg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville SBD booklet.jpg      

Audience recordings:

  • An audience recording exists.
  • Artwork:
Bootleg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville front.jpg Bootleg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville back.jpg Bootleg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville disc.jpg Bootleg 1980-08-23 Bowmanville booklet.jpg      



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