Concert 1987-04-16 San Jose

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Thursday, April 16, 1987
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Almost Alone Tour




01. Sally Sue Brown - including 36-22-36
02. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
A few lines of I've Got The World On A String and You're My World sung a capella
03. Suit Of Lights
04. Green Shirt - including Friday On My Mind
05. Brilliant Mistake
06. Ship Of Fools / It Must Have Been The Roses
07. Uncomplicated - EC with beatbox
08. Inch By Inch
09. Poisoned Rose
10. New Amsterdam / You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
11. Any King's Shilling
12. American Without Tears
13. American Without Tears No. 2 (Twilight Version)
14. Radio Sweetheart / Jackie Wilson Said
Encore 1
Spinning Songbook
15. Taxi - EC on piano
16. Almost Blue - EC on piano
17. I Threw It All Away
18. Everyday I Write The Book
19. Alison - including You Win Again
20. You're Still On My Mind / Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down / Close Up The Honky Tonks / The Last Town I Painted
21. Peace In Our Time - including The Bells
22. Clubland / The Long Honeymoon - EC with beatbox
Encore 2
23. I Want You
Encore 3
24. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
25. I'll Wear It Proudly

  • Start time:
  • End time:

Also featuring

Opening act

  • Nick Lowe
    Without Love   From Now On   Cruel To Be Kind When I Write The Book Raining Raining   Heart   The Rose Of England   Too Many Teardrops   Big, Big Love   So It Goes   I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock & Roll)




Memorabilia Tickets, stage setlist, posters, programs, etc.

1987-04-16 San Jose ticket 1.jpg 1987-04-16 San Jose ticket 2.jpg 1987-04-16 San Jose poster.jpg
Ticket 1 thanks to Clay Musa. Poster thanks to i am ümlaut.


Official releases:

Soundboard recordings:

  • A partial soundboard recording (first eight songs) circulates.
  • Artwork
Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose sbd front.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose sbd back.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose sbd disc.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose sbd booklet.jpg      
  • Alternative artwork - retracked and excludes officially released track
Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose SBD2 front.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose SBD2 back.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose SBD2 disc.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose SBD2 booklet.jpg      

Audience recordings:

  • Artwork - incomplete recording (see artwork for exclusions)
Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose front.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose back.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose disc1.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose booklet.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose disc2.jpg     
  • Artwork - little guy recording (excludes officially released track)
Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose2 front.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose2 back.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose2 disc1.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose2 booklet.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose2 disc2.jpg     
  • Artwork - little guy recording (excludes officially released track but includes Nick Lowe set)
Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose3 front.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose3 back.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose3 disc1.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose3 booklet.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose3 disc2.jpg     
  • Artwork - little guy complete recording including Nick Lowe set
Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose4 front.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose4 back.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose4 disc1.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose4 booklet.jpg Bootleg 1987-04-16 San Jose4 disc2.jpg     

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