Concert 1996-05-22 New York (early)

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Wednesday, May 22, 1996 (early)
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1996 Costello & Nieve Tour




01. Just About Glad - Elvis solo
02. Starting To Come To Me - Elvis solo
03. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes - Elvis solo
04. Little Atoms - Elvis solo
05. Temptation
06. You Bowed Down
07. Why Can't A Man Stand Alone?
08. The Long Honeymoon
09. Poor Fractured Atlas
10. Just A Memory
11. God Give Me Strength
12. God's Comic
13. Complicated Shadows - Elvis solo
14. The Other End Of The Telescope
15. Oliver's Army - including Kid, Unchained Melody and If You Could Read My Mind
16. Black Sails In The Sunset
17. All This Useless Beauty
18. It's Time
19. Passionate Fight
20. My Funny Valentine
21. Distorted Angel
22. You'll Never Be A Man
23. Alison - including Living A Little, Laughing A Little, Tracks Of My Tears, Tears Of A Clown, No More Tearstained Make-Up and Clowntime Is Over
24. Shallow Grave
25. Watching The Detectives
26. I Want To Vanish

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  • Broadcast on WNEW-FM; a recording circulates.



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