Cork Examiner, August 13, 1988

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Cork Examiner

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Elvis takes a turn for the worst

Cork Examiner

British pop star Elvis Costello will have good reason to remember his visit to Limerick this week.

Elvis, his driver and a friend were caught driving the wrong way up a one way street.

It happened early on Tuesday morning and unfortunately for them as they made a wrong turn and drove down the street they met a squad car coming against them.

A Garda officer was quick to point out to them the error of their way and then asked for their names.

"Elvis who?" asked the officer. I hear it took a few minutes before the garda accepted that Elvis was really Elvis.

One reprimand later and the pop star and his associates were allowed to continue their journey the right way up the street.

Elvis is in Ireland with his wife Cait (a former member of the Pogues) who is taking part in a charity walk from Malin to Mizen.

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Cork Examiner, August 13, 1988

The Cork Examiner reports on EC's visit to Limerick ahead of the fund-raising march for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland.


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