Crazy Magazine, August 1981

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Crazy Magazine
  • 1981 August


The eleventh hour special

David Allikas and Dave Morris

"Lenoid's Army"

Although our striking
Has made Poland free,
Red armies are hiking
And subs moor in the Baltic Sea;

Though our weekly wage is greater,
Warsaw soon will be a smoking crater!
Lenoid's army is at our door!
Lenoid's navy is just offshore!
And we're so proud we've been chosen to host the Third World War!


Crazy Magazine, No. 77, August 1981

David Allikas sends up recent song lyrics, including "Oliver's Army."

Illustration by Dave Morris.


1981-08-00 Crazy Magazine page 43.jpg
Page scan.

1981-08-00 Crazy Magazine cover.jpg 1981-08-00 Crazy Magazine pages 42-43.jpg 1981-08-00 Crazy Magazine illustration.jpg
Cover, page scans and illustration.


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