Creem, August 1978

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Siblings Of The Stars #1

The Beat Goes On

Yes, indeed, it could've been a tear-jerking outtake from Joe Brooks' "If Ever I See You Again." But by some quirk of fate, Elvis Costello was reunited with his long-lost twin sister, Beatrice, who had been cruelly torn from the Costello nest at the age of three and spirited off by Navajo gypsies to be sold on the American black market. Elvis found Bea selling tickets to a peep show on the outskirts of Memphis and immediately recognized the family ears.

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Creem, August 1978

The Beat Goes On section features a Chalkie Davies photo of EC.


1978-08-00 Creem photo 01 cd.jpg
Photo by Chalkie Davies.

1978-08-00 Creem page 24.jpg
Page scan.


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