Creem, July 1987

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Blood And Chocolate

Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Robert Christgau

To pigeonhole this as just another Elvis C. (& The Attractions) record is to ignore the plain fact that he (they) hasn't (haven't) sounded so tough- or single-minded since This Year's Model. Like Little Creatures, it's a return to basics with a decade of growth in it, and until midway through side two, when the songs start portending more than they deliver, it's so straightforward you think he must be putting you on. But he's just voicing his pain and the world's, in that order, as usual. When the two strongest songs on a pop record run over six minutes apiece, you know we're talking sustained vision.   A-

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Creem, July 1987

Robert Christgau reviews Blood & Chocolate.


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