Creem, September 1981

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Rock 'N' Roll News

A tentative list of the songs Elvis Costello recorded for his forthcoming Nashville LP includes: "Cry, Cry, Cry" by Johnny Cash. "Sitting And Thinking" by Charlie Rich, "Good Year For The Roses" by George Jones, "Sweet Dreams" by Don Gibson. "Why Don't You Love Me" and "Your Cheatin' Heart." both by Hank Williams, and "Hot Burrito #1" by Gram Parsons. Other songs uncredited at presstime include "My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You," "Brown To Blue" and "Tears Before Bedtime."

Elvis Shock Growth!


Formerly of normal-for-an-Englishman height, Elvis Costello has surprised everybody by shooting up to the point where he towers over lanky country star George Jones! "I cain't understand it!" admitted a baffled Jones. "Maybe it's the Ho-Ho's he's been eating since he's been over here recording!"

East Side Story


Robert Christgau

They're finally beginning to show the consistency that's the only excuse for obsessive popcraft. The songs are imaginative, compassionate, and of course hooky — the warped organ in "Heaven" bespeaks divine intervention. With Elvis Costello coproducing, the music is quite punchy, though I wouldn't go so far as to say it rocks. And speaking of punch, that's still what I'd like to do to Glenn Tilbrook — anything to make him stop sounding like Ray Davies after sex.   B+

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Creem, September 1981

Rock 'N' Roll News previews Almost Blue.

EC and George Jones are featured in Backstage.

Robert Christgau reviews East Side Story.


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