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  • 1977 September 3



Elvis a smash at Tiffany's

But ooh, the equipment


Despite persistent problems with equipment, Elvis Costello took the audience at Tiffany's on Wednesday night to an incredible high. Thankfully, everyone was very well behaved after the trouble at the Adverts gig the night before. This was mainly due to the constant pleas of Mike Gower to take it easy, otherwise it could have been the last ever rock concert at Tiffany's.

Elvis himself, was visibly annoyed with the sound problems and took time to explain the trouble they had getting there earlier on, and then apologised for making excuses. However, he stormed through the remainder of the set and then returned for two encores amidst clouds of dry ice which Elvis claimed was used by heavy bands to make the audience applaud harder. Elvis Costello, and his band, The Attractions, certainly deserve to be bigger than any heavy band, with or without dry ice.

Elvis Costello / Tiffany's


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The concert started with good sounds courtesy of Mike Gower which got the audience into the mood for the night, and there were plenty of pogo dancers to prove it. By 1.00 a.m. the crowd was beginning to move towards the front of the stage, after warnings from the management not to stand on the tables and chairs in order to get the best view of the man himself.

When he eventually took the stage, he had the undivided attention of the assembled masses. This man has "the power." There isn't much point in giving you a blow by blow account of his set, those of you who were there will no doubt still be talking about it, and those of you who weren't there, can jolly well buy the record!

One of the main attractions (pun?) was the keyboards man, whose name I don't know. He put in some very tasty fills and more than made up for Elvis' sparse guitar work. In fact, the whole band was very tight, and it should be pointed out that this is not the band he used for the album. So, the Attractions must have got the set together very quickly. Most impressive.

Tired, after a hectic journey from London where they were recording for Top of the Pops, without even a soundcheck, they played a great set. But Elvis was not happy with it, and he said so! The crowd brought him back to encore with "Less Than Zero" and a new song "Lip Service."

Overall impressions? Temperamental, verbal (like Jake!) but most important, sincere!

Net result? 500 or so very happy people. What more can you ask for?


Cripes, No. 10, September 3, 1977

Includes Elvis Costello concert reviews for Tuesday, August 30, Silver Thread, Paisley, and Wednesday, August 31, Tiffany's, Edinburgh.


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Elvis Costello / Paisley

Bruce Findlay

Editorial / Havers

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By the time this issue of Cripes hits the streets, Elvis Costello will have appeared in Glasgow, Falkirk and Edinburgh. If the report from Roddy and Arthur (Glasgow Bruce's) is anything to go by, then Mr Costello is going to be snarling all the way to the bank.

At the now famous "Silver Thread" Paisley, run by "Disco Harry" on Tuesday night, Elvis took the place apart (musically speaking).

100 people were turned away from a full house and Elvis played his wee heart out. I quote — "four or five new numbers" — "stunning guitar solos that you don't hear on the record" — "presentation amazing, this weedy guy but malevolent" — "two encores" and finally "the next time it's gonna be the Apollo sometime in October."

A full review of the Edinburgh gig appears elsewhere in Cripes. Interesting footnote to the Elvis gig at Paisley — there was no trouble of any sort on the night — just 200 totally happy punters — cooool.

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