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Elvis Costello

Chuck Davis

So, Paul McCartney wrote songs for Elvis Costello's latest album. And Elvis Costello wrote songs for Paul McCartney's latest album.

How did that work? Read on.

Elvis Costello's Spike is a varied album — with some good and some bad. It's up to the listener to figure it all out. That's usually the case with a Costello album.

The best cut is "Veronica," co-written by Costello and McCartney. That's no big surprise, but "Veronica" is just what you'd hope from such a partnership: an intelligent song with a great pop arrangement.

The other Elvis-Paul song, "Pads, Paws and Claws," is a good rockabilly tune — but doesn't quite get there,

Other good cuts:

"...This Town..." with Roger McGuinn on guitar and McCartney on bass, "Tramp the Dirt Down," "God's Comic" and "Baby Plays Around."

Some that don't work are:

"Chewing Gum" and "Satellite."

Oh well, you could do worse.

Paul McCartney's Flowers in the Dirt is one of his best albums in years — but it still makes you wish the Beatles were still together.

The latest album's first single "My Brave Face," co-written by Costello, grows on you. I didn't give it much hope at first, but I like it better and better every time I hear it.

It even sounds a bit like that band McCartney was in before he joined Wings.

Other good songs:

"This One," "We Got Married," "Rough Ride," "You Want Her Too" (a duet with Costello that is sort of a follow-up to "The Girl Is Mine" with Michael Jackson) and "Distractions."

Songs that don't quite work include: "Motor of Love," "How Many People" and "Don't Be Careless Love."

But, for my money, the best song on the whole album is "Put It There," a great, great, great song.

Paul is not dead.


The Daily Oklahoman, July 21, 1989

Chuck Davis reviews Spike and Paul McCartney's Flowers In The Dirt.


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