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The Grateful Dead

Elvis Costello

I first saw the Dead in '72, forty-odd miles from Liverpool, while standing in a foot of mud among a small, sodden horde who braved the swamp in front of the stage. The sodding sun wasn't even shining as expected. If we had been extras in a terrible remake of Henry V, we would have been the French. After the battle.

Nevertheless, the Dead played beautifully for several hours — every song you might want to hear plus great new tunes we'd never heard before and yet seemed to know right away.

For those few months when I was 17, Dead records were some of the secret stuff I loved and my friends hated (then it was on to something else, you know the scene). But I have often gone back to those albums (and others since), and I'm pleased to say I've seen them during three of their five trips to England.

Now I dig them not only for everything people think they are, but also for elements that are sometimes overlooked, such as having written many beautiful ballads.

A magazine recently printed a picture of that drenched crowd in 1972, and with the light being so sharp and grey, I swear I could pick myself out, sinking slowly to the left.

So here's to the Grateful Dead, the only band that can make you immune to mud.


Deadicated (1991) liner notes

EC's Grateful Dead testimonial for the liner notes to Deadicated.


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Booklet page 6.

Photo by Terry O'Neill.
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