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Originally compiled by Paul Hosken

Key to format:
7" - 7 inch single
10" - 10 inch maxi single
12" - 12 inch maxi single
8T - 8-track tape
DAT - DAT cassette
CD - compact disc
CD3 - 3" maxi CD
CD5 - 5" maxi CD
LP - album
MC - music cassette
R2R - reel-to-reel

Key to artist:
EC - Elvis Costello
EC+A - Elvis Costello & the Attractions
EC+I - Elvis Costello & the Imposters
EC+R5 - Elvis Costello & the Rude 5


  • All tracks are composed by EC, except where otherwise stated.
  • The times for CD tracks are taken from the CD player display, while for vinyl it is taken from the label or cover. In the case of records on the Stiff label these times are to be taken with a pinch of salt! (e.g: On A02 "Alison" is over 3 mins. long and not 2:00 as stated on label).
  • The character '*' in column 2 denotes that this release is required if you want to have a copy of every song that EC has released. Where there is a choice of releases for a particular song a letter follows the '*':
*a -A01, -A10, D17 or I11 for "Radio Sweetheart (single mix)"
*b -D10 or -D11 for "Stranger In The House" (/w G.Jones)
*c -F08, -F09 or -F18 for "Town Cryer (alt. fast version)"
*d -F19, -F20 or -F21 for "Party Party"
*e -I06, -I07, -I08, -I09 or -T40 for "Living A Little, Laughing A Little"
*f -J18 (UK release) or -M22 for "Uncomplicated (UK version)"
*g -J20 or -J21 for "The End Of The Rainbow"
*h -K07 or -L02 for "Many Rivers To Cross (live)"
*i -M12, -M18, -O05 or -O06 for "The Ugly Things"
*j -M14 or -M15 for "Point Of No Return"
*k -N01 or -N03 for "That's How You Got Killed Before"
*l -O17 or -S28 for "St. Stephen Day Murders"
*m -P03, -P04 or -P05 for "Weird Nightmare"
*n -R12 or S02 for "Basement Kiss", "Puppet Girl" & "We Despise You"
*o -R13, -R15 or -R46 for "Do You Know What I'm Saying?"
*p -R18, -R33, -R49, -S01 or -V26 for "They Can't Take That Away From Me"
*q -R28 or -R29 for "Sally Sue Brown"
*r -R31, -R32 or -R53 for "Full Force Gale"
*s -T23/-T24/-T25/-T26/-T27 or -T43 for the EC+Nieve live tracks
*t -V02 or -V06 for "Long Journey Home"
*u -V04, -V07, -V13 or -V14 for "My Mood Swings"

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Climax - Hits On TV Drama & Movie album cover.jpg

Climax - Hits On TV Drama & Movie
various artists

Smile (Chaplin/Turner/Parsons) - EC

[2005-01-07; CD; UICZ-4101 (Japan)] [1]


Grammy Nominees 2005 album cover.jpg

Grammy Nominees 2005
various artists

Monkey To Man - EC+I

[2005-02-01; CD; Capitol]
[2005-02-02; CD; TOCP-66368 (Japan)] [2]


Brodsky Quartet Moodswings album cover.jpg

Brodsky Quartet

My Mood Swings (EC/O'Riordan) (2:30) - EC & Brodsky Quartet
Real Emotional Girl (Randy Newman) (4:03) - EC & Brodsky Quartet

[2005-02-28; CD (UK)]
[2005-04-26; CD; Brodsky Records BRD3501 (US)]


Beauty Deluxe album cover.jpg

Beauty Deluxe
various artists

Smile (Chaplin/Turner/Parsons) - EC

[2005-03-02; 2xCD; UICZ-1145 (Japan)] [3]


Relaxing The Most Beautiful Voices album cover.jpg

Relaxing - The Most Beautiful Voices
various artists

For The Stars - Anne Sofie von Otter & EC

[2005-03-23; CD; UCCS-3013 (Japan)] [4]


Ai Chikyu-haku Presents Love The Earth album cover.jpg

Ai Chikyu-haku Presents Love The Earth
various artists

For The Stars - Anne Sofie von Otter & EC

[2005-03-30; CD; UCCS-3011 (Japan)] [5]


King Of America Rhino album cover.jpg

King Of America (Rhino/Edsel reissue)
The Costello Show
Disc 1: King Of America

Brilliant Mistake (3:45)
Lovable (EC/O'Riordan) (2:51)
Our Little Angel (4:04)
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Benjamin/Marcus/Caldwell) (3:18)
Glitter Gulch (3:14)
Indoor Fireworks (4:06)
Little Palaces (3:48)
I'll Wear It Proudly (4:19)
American Without Tears (4:31)
Eisenhower Blues (J.B. Lenoir) (3:43)
Poisoned Rose (4:05)
The Big Light (2:32)
Jack Of All Parades (5:17)
Suit Of Lights (4:02)
Sleep Of The Just (3:51)

Disc 2: Bonus Disc

Having It All (Solo Demo) (3:53)
Suffering Face (Solo Demo) (3:05)
Deportee (Solo Demo) (3:31)
Indoor Fireworks (Solo Demo) (3:46)
I Hope You're Happy Now (Solo Demo) (3:02)
Poisoned Rose (Solo Demo) (4:09)
I'll Wear It Proudly (Solo Demo) (3:23)
Jack Of All Parades (Solo Demo) (3:29)
The People's Limousine (Henry & Howard Coward) (3:38) - The Coward Brothers
They'll Never Take Her Love From Me (Leon Payne) (2:52) - The Coward Brothers
King Of Confidence (2:46)
Shoes Without Heels (4:15)
End Of The Rainbow (Solo Demo) (Richard Thompson) (3:25)
Betrayal (2:22)
That's How You Got Killed Before (Live) (Dave Bartholomew) (3:13)
The Big Light (Live) (3:08)
It Tears Me Up (Live) (Penn/Oldham) (3:26)
The Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line (Live) (2:42)
Your Mind Is On Vacation / Your Funeral My Trial (Live) (Allison / Williamson) (5:16)
That's How You Got Killed Before (Reprise) (Live) (Dave Bartholomew) (7:00)
True Love Ways (Live) (Holly/Petty) (3:32)

[2005-04-25; 2xCD; Edsel (UK)]
[2005-04-26; 2xCD; Rhino R2 74642 (US)]


Piano Jazz album cover.jpg

Piano Jazz: Costello/McPartland
Elvis Costello & Marian McPartland

Conversation (2:47)
At Last (Mack Gordon/Harry Warren) (3:56)
Conversation (4:03)
My Funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart) (3:44)
Conversation (4:39)
Almost Blue (2:48)
Conversation (2:36)
The Very Thought Of You (Ray Noble) (3:49)
Conversation (2:38)
Gloomy Sunday (Rezso Seress/Sam Lewis) (3:23)
Conversation (2:11)
You Don't Know What Love Is (Don Raye/Gene de Paul) (4:58)
Conversation (3:31)
They Didn't Believe Me (Jerome Kern/Herbert Reynolds) (3:54)
Conversation (1:46)
I'm In The Mood Again (2:42)
Conversation (0:05)

[2005-07-12; CD; The Jazz Alliance TJA-12049-2]


New Waves 45 Original 45s From The Post Punk Era album cover.jpg

New Waves: 45 Original 45s From The Post Punk Era
various artists

Pump It Up - EC+A

[2005-07-12; 2xCD; Family Recordings 9774 (USA)]


Beach Breeze Cassette Story album cover.jpg

Beach Breeze - Cassette Story
various artists

Veronica (EC/McCartney) - EC

[2005-07-13; CD; WPCR-12104 (Japan)] [6]


Dramatic Days Very Best Of TV Drama Songs album cover.jpg

Dramatic Days - Very Best Of TV Drama Songs
various artists

Smile (Chaplin/Turner/Parsons) - EC

[2005-07-20; 2xCD; UICZ-1160 (Japan)] [7]


Johnny Cash The Legend album cover.jpg

The Legend
Johnny Cash

We Ought To Be Ashamed (Jones/Montgomery) - Johnny Cash with EC

[2005-08-02; 4xCD; Columbia/Legacy C4K 92802 (US)]
[2005-08-16; 5xCD+DVD; Columbia/Legacy CXK 93000 (US)]


Living Room Soft And Relaxing Music album cover.jpg

Living Room - Soft And Relaxing Music
various artists

This House Is Empty Now (EC/Bacharach) - EC & Burt Bacharach

[2005-09-14; CD; UICZ-1174 (Japan)] [8]


Rock Spirit The Golden Age 1967-1984 album cover.jpg

Rock Spirit - The Golden Age: 1967-1984
various artists

Alison - EC

[2005-09-30; 2xCD; TOCP-67757 (Japan)]


The Piano Songs 3 album cover.jpg

The Piano Songs 3
various artists

Deep Dark Truthful Mirror - EC

[2005-10-05; 2xCD; UICZ-1175 (Japan)] [9]


Burt Bacharach At This Time.jpg

At This Time
Burt Bacharach

Who Are These People? (Bacharach/Tonio K) - EC & Burt Bacharach

[2005-10-24; CD; BMG (UK)]
[2005-11-01; CD; Columbia 82876 77897 2 (US)]


Sound Of The Underground album cover.jpg

Sound Of The Underground
various artists

(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? (Nick Lowe) - EC+A

[2005-11-08; CD; Time/Life Music 61058316632 (USA)]


Songs From Love Cinema album cover.jpg

Songs From Love Cinema
various artists

She (Aznavour/Kretzmer) - EC

[2005-11-09; CD; UCCU-1078 (Japan)] [10]


Unusual Sounds For Levi's Selected By Tahiti 80 album cover.jpg

Unusual Sounds For Levi's® Selected By Tahiti 80
various artists

Less Than Zero - EC

[2005-11-23; CD; VICP-63211 (Japan)] [11]


Classics 2002 album cover.jpg

Classics 2002
various artists

Baby Plays Around (EC/O'Riordan) - Anne Sofie von Otter & EC

[2005-12-21; CD; UCCD-3118 (Japan)] [12]



Ec mfbb cover mid.jpg

My Flame Burns Blue
Elvis Costello with The Metropole Orkest
Disc 1: My Flame Burns Blue

Hora Decubitus (EC/Mingus) (5:44)
Favourite Hour (3:58)
That's How You Got Killed Before (Dave Bartholomew) (4:14)
Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue (5:11)
Clubland (4:51)
Almost Blue (5:47)
Dust (5:41) - JPN & iTunes (US/Canada) bonus track
Speak Darkly, My Angel (3:58)
Almost Ideal Eyes (4:16)
Can You Be True? (3:56)
Put Away Forbidden Playthings (4:22)
Episode Of Blonde (6:09)
My Flame Burns Blue (Blood Count) (EC/Strayhorn) (5:13)
Watching The Detectives (5:23)
God Give Me Strength (EC/Bacharach) (6:55)
Still (2:24) - iTunes (non-US/Canada) bonus track

Disc 2: Il Sogno Suite

Prelude (0:46)
Overture (1:18)
Puck 1 (2:20)
The Court (2:28)
Workers' Playtime (2:10)
Oberon And Titania (4:14)
The Conspiracy Of Oberon And Puck (1:08)
Puck 2 (1:49)
The Identity Parade (4:41)
The Face Of Bottom (2:48)
The Spark Of Love (4:23)
Tormentress (1:41)
Oberon Humbled (3:40)
Twisted - Entangled (2:38)
The Fairy And The Ass (1:32)
Sleep (2:51)
The Play (1:29)
The Wedding (4:16)

[2006-01-13; 2xCD; Deutsche Grammophon UCCH-1015/6 (Japan)]
[2006-02-28; 2xCD (US)]
[2006-03-13; 2xCD (UK)]


Tears album cover.jpg

various artists

She (Aznavour/Kretzmer) - EC

[2006-02-08; CD; UICZ-1201 (Japan)] [13]


The Chieftains The Essential Chieftains album cover.jpg

The Essential Chieftains
The Chieftains

Long Journey Home (EC/Moloney) - The Chieftains + Irish Film Orch. + EC

[2006-02-21; 2xCD; Legacy Recordings 82876753982 (US)]


The Punk Revolution Of Rock In 70's UK Hits album cover.jpg

The Punk Revolution Of Rock In 70's - UK Hits
various artists

(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea - EC+A

[2006-02-22; CD; TOCP-67870 (Japan)] [14]


Who Are These People iTunes artwork.jpg

Who Are These People? single
Burt Bacharach & Elvis Costello

Who Are These People? (Explicit Version) (Burt Bacharach/Tonio K) (4:13)

[2006-03-07; AAC/MP3; download services (US)]


The Juliet Letters Rhino album cover.jpg

The Juliet Letters (Rhino reissue)
Elvis Costello & The Brodsky Quartet
Disc 1: The Juliet Letters

Deliver Us (0:48)
For Other Eyes (EC/Cassidy/M.P. Thomas) (2:54)
Swine (EC/Cassidy) (2:05)
Expert Rites (2:22)
Dead Letter (Cassidy) (2:18)
I Almost Had A Weakness (EC/M. Thomas) (3:52)
Why? (EC/Belton) (1:24)
Who Do You Think You Are? (EC/M. Thomas/M.P. Thomas) (3:25)
Taking My Life In Your Hands (EC/J. Thomas/M.P. Thomas/Cassidy) (3:17)
This Offer Is Unrepeatable (EC/Brodsky Quartet) (3:11)
Dear Sweet Filthy World (EC/Belton/M.P. Thomas) (4:16)
The Letter Home (EC/Belton/Cassidy) (3:08)
Jacksons, Monk And Rowe (EC/M. Thomas/J. Thomas) (3:42)
This Sad Burlesque (EC/Cassidy) (2:46)
Romeo's Seance (EC/M. Thomas/M.P. Thomas) (3:29)
I Thought I'd Write To Juliet (4:06)
Last Post (Michael Thomas) (2:24)
The First To Leave (4:57)
Damnation's Cellar (3:25)
The Birds Will Still Be Singing (4:27)

Disc 2: Bonus Disc

She Moved Through The Fair (Trad. arr. Cassidy) (4:44)
Pills And Soap (Live) (4:37)
King Of The Unknown Sea (Live) (EC/M. Thomas) (3:51)
Skeleton (Live) (Michael Thomas) (4:54)
More Than Rain (Live) (Tom Waits) (3:23)
God Only Knows (Live) (Wilson/Asher) (3:58)
They Didn't Believe Me (Live) (Kern/Reynolds) (3:59)
O Mistress Mine (Shakespeare/Harle) (4:03) - John Harle with EC
Come Away, Death (Shakespeare/Harle) (4:27) - John Harle with EC
Put Away Forbidden Playthings (Live) (4:12) - EC & Fretwork
Can She Excuse My Wrongs (Live) (John Dowland) (4:03) - EC, Fretwork & Composers Ensemble
Fire Suite 1 (Nathanson/Dobbins) (5:27) - Roy Nathanson with Cyrus Chestnut & EC
Fire Suite 3 (Nathanson/Dobbins) (3:19) - Roy Nathanson with EC
Fire Suite Reprise (EC/Nathanson/Dobbins) (2:36) - Roy Nathanson with EC
Gigi (Live) (Lerner/Loewe]) (4:14) - EC & Bill Frisell
Deep Dead Blue (Live) (EC/Frisell) (3:45) - EC & Bill Frisell
Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue (Live) (4:34) - EC & The Punishing Kiss Band
Lost In The Stars (Weill/Anderson) (3:56)

[2006-03-21; 2xCD; Rhino R2 73363 (US)]
[2006-04-24; 2xCD; Rhino (UK)]


Verve Today 2006 album cover.jpg

Verve Today 2006
various artists

The Sharpest Thorn - EC + Allen Toussaint

[2006-04-07; CD; Verve (Universal) (Germany)]


The River In Reverse album cover.jpg

The River In Reverse
Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint

On Your Way Down (Toussaint) (4:55)
Nearer To You (Toussaint) (3:32)
Tears, Tears And More Tears (Toussaint) (3:30)
The Sharpest Thorn (EC/Toussaint) (4:16)
Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further? (Toussaint) (5:04)
The River In Reverse (EC) (4:32)
Freedom For The Stallion (Toussaint) (2:58)
Broken Promise Land (EC/Toussaint) (4:34)
Ascension Day (EC/Allen Toussaint/Byrd) (2:58)
International Echo (EC/Toussaint) (4:59)
All These Things (Toussaint) (4:07)
Wonder Woman (Toussaint) (3:08)
Six-Fingered Man (EC/Toussaint) (4:32)
The Greatest Love (Toussaint) (3:47) - bonus track on Japan edition
Where Is The Love (EC/Toussaint) (3:54) - iTunes release

[2006-05-27; CD+DVD; Verve Forecast UCCB-9011 (Japan)]
[2006-05-29; CD; Verve 9856057 (UK)]
[2006-05-29; CD+DVD; Verve 9856725 (UK)]
[2006-05-29; LP; Verve (UK)]
[2006-06-06; CD; Verve Forecast (USA)]
[2006-06-06; 2xLP; Verve Forecast (USA)]


Rough Trade Shops Singer Songwriter 1 album cover.jpg

Rough Trade Shops: Singer Songwriter 1
various artists

I Want You - EC+A

[2006-06-26; 2xCD; Mute (UK)]


Songbook 20 Classic Standards From The Modern Masters Of Swing album cover.jpg

Songbook - 20 Classic Standards From The Modern Masters Of Swing
various artists

She (Aznavour/Kretzmer) - EC

[2006-07-04; CD; Universal Music (New Zealand)]


Duets An American Classic album cover.jpg

Duets: An American Classic
Tony Bennett

Are You Havin' Any Fun? (Fain/Yellen) - Tony Bennett & EC

[2006-09-26; CD (US)]
[2006-10-30; CD (UK)]


Weeds Soundtrack cover.jpg

Weeds: Music From The Showtime Original Series Volume 2
various artists

Little Boxes (Malvina Reynolds) (0:53) - EC

[2006-10-17; CD (US)]


HSP album cover small.jpg

The Harry Smith Project: Anthology Of American Folk Music Revisited
various artists

The Butcher's Boy (Live) (Traditional) - EC
Ommie Wise Part 1 & 2 (What Lewis Did Last...) (Live) (Traditional/EC) - Kate & Anna McGarrigle with EC

[2006-10-24; 2xCD+2xDVD (US)]



Billy Strayhorn Lush Life album cover.jpg

Billy Strayhorn: Lush Life
various artists

My Flame Burns Blue (Blood Count) (EC/Strayhorn) (4:45) - EC

[2007-01-23; CD; Blue Note 7243 8 73550 2 6 (US)]


Charlie Louvin album cover.jpg

Charlie Louvin
Charlie Louvin

When I Stop Dreaming (Charlie & Ira Louvin) (3:03) - Charlie Louvin & EC

[2007-02-20; CD (US)]


A Tribute To Joni Mitchell album cover.jpg

A Tribute To Joni Mitchell
various artists

Edith And The Kingpin (Joni Mitchell) - EC

[2007-04-24; CD (US)]


Rock And Roll Music album cover.jpg

Rock And Roll Music
Elvis Costello

Lipstick Vogue (3:34)
No Action (2:00)
Big Tears (3:09)
(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (3:08)
This Year's Girl (3:20)
Miracle Man (3:29)
Pump It Up (3:15)
Clean Money (1:57)
Tiny Steps (2:42)
Wednesday Week (2:03)
Mystery Dance (Live) (2:03)
You Belong To Me (Live) (2:37)
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? (Nick Lowe) (3:30)
Girls Talk (1:55)
King Horse (2:58)
Lovers Walk (2:16)
Uncomplicated (3:25)
Honey, Are You Straight Or Are You Blind? (Alternate Version) (2:10)
Baby's Got A Brand New Hairdo (3:22)
I Hope You're Happy Now (3:04)
Tokyo Storm Warning (6:21)
Welcome To The Working Week (Demo Version) (1:26)

[2007-05-01; CD; Hip-O B0008641-02 (US)]


The Best Of Elvis Costello The First 10 Years album cover.jpg

The Best Of Elvis Costello The First 10 Years
Elvis Costello

(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
Watching The Detectives
(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
Pump It Up
Radio, Radio
Accidents Will Happen
Oliver's Army
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? (Nick Lowe)
I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (Banks/Jones)
High Fidelity
New Lace Sleeves
Good Year For The Roses (Jerry Chesnut)
Beyond Belief
Man Out Of Time
Almost Blue
Everyday I Write The Book
Shipbuilding (EC/Langer)
Brilliant Mistake
Indoor Fireworks
I Want You

[2007-05-01; CD; Hip-O (US)]


Tribute To Paul Simon album cover.jpg

Tribute To Paul Simon
various artists

Peace Like A River (Live) (Paul Simon) (4:58) - EC
American Tune (Live) (Paul Simon) (4:09) - Allen Toussaint & EC

[2007-05?-__; CD (Canada)]


Welcome To The Voice album cover.jpg

Welcome To The Voice
various artists

Troublemaker (Nieve/Teodori) (4:14) - EC, Robert Wyatt, Steve Nieve, The Steel Workers Chorus
Despair (Nieve/Teodori) (6:45) - EC, Sting, Robert Wyatt, Barbara Bonney, Amanda Roocroft, Sarah Fulgoni, Nathalie Manfrino, Steve Nieve
The Unlikely Duet (Nieve/Teodori) (4:59) - Sting, Barbara Bonney, Sarah Fulgoni, Robert Wyatt, Nathalie Manfrino, Amanda Roocroft, EC, Steve Nieve, The Steel Workers Chorus

[2007-05-11; CD (Germany)]
[2007-05-14; CD (UK)]
[2007-05-15; CD; Deutsche Grammophon B0008745-02 (US)]
[2007-05-23; CD (Japan)]


Bedlam single.jpg

Bedlam (Frankincense/Nashville Mix) single
Elvis Costello & The Imposters

Bedlam (Frankincense/Nashville Mix) (4:49)

[2007-05-15; AAC/MP3; download services (US)]

The same alternate mix appears on iTunes Originals as the Nashville Alternate Version.


Anchored In Love album cover.jpg

Anchored In Love: A Tribute To June Carter Cash
various artists

Ring Of Fire (Carter/Kilgore) (3:32) - EC

[2007-06-05; CD (US)]


ITunes Originals.jpg

iTunes Originals
Elvis Costello

"It was recorded almost by accident" (1:45)
Watching The Detectives (3:46) - EC
"It was the ballad of This Year's Model" (0:55)
Little Triggers (iTunes Originals Version) (3:31) - EC
"It has Mick Jones of the Clash playing guitar" (0:30)
Big Tears (3:11) - EC+A
"It was about people meeting in the night at a hotel, not a complicated story" (1:22)
Motel Matches (iTunes Originals Version) (2:23) - EC
"It's a more regretful song" (1:22)
Riot Act (3:35) - EC+A
"It was more the expression came to mind" (0:59)
Kid About It (iTunes Originals Version) (3:21) - EC
"I told a tale, which you have to listen to the lyrics" (0:59)
Man Out Of Time (5:27) - EC+A
"An example of one of those songs that nearly got away" (1:00)
Love Field (iTunes Originals Version) (4:48) - EC
"The main body of the song is very repetitive, it's supposed to be like that" (1:18)
I Want You (6:44) - EC+A
"I'm glad to get the opportunity to put the word to the fore" (1:55)
Invasion Hit Parade (iTunes Originals Version) (4:33) - EC
"It's kind of a gospel song" (1:36)
Bedlam (Nashville Alternate Version) (4:49) - EC+I
"It's more of the idea that we are in a flow towards a way of living" (1:41)
The River In Reverse (iTunes Originals Version) (4:29) - EC

[2007-06-19; AAC; iTunes (US)]

Little Triggers, Motel Matches, Kid About It, Love Field, Invasion Hit Parade, and The River In Reverse are new solo versions recorded in Vancouver in March 2007.
Watching The Detectives, Big Tears, Riot Act, Man Out Of Time, and I Want You are the familiar studio recordings.
Bedlam (Nashville Alternate Version) is the same alternate mix which previously appeared on iTunes as the Frankincense/Nashville Mix.
The italicized tracks have Elvis talking about the songs.


Rabbit Ears Treasury Of World Tales Volume 5 album cover.jpg

Rabbit Ears Treasury Of World Tales Volume 5
Elvis Costello & John Cleese

[2007-08-14; CD; Rabbit Ears Entertainment YA1256A (US)]


My Aim Is True Deluxe Edition album cover.jpg

My Aim Is True: Deluxe Edition
Elvis Costello
Disc 1:

Welcome To The Working Week (1:22)
Miracle Man (3:31)
No Dancing (2:39)
Blame It On Cain (2:49)
Alison (3:21)
Sneaky Feelings (2:09)
(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes (2:47)
Less Than Zero (3:15)
Mystery Dance (1:38)
Pay It Back (2:33)
I'm Not Angry (2:57)
Waiting For The End Of The World (3:22)
Watching The Detectives (3:45)
No Action (early version) (2:15)
Living In Paradise (early version) (3:00)
Radio Sweetheart (2:25)
Stranger In The House (3:01)
Welcome To The Working Week (Pathway Studios demo) (1:35)
Blue Minute (Pathway Studios demo) (1:40)
Miracle Man (Pathway Studios demo) (2:22)
Waiting For The End Of The World (Pathway Studios demo) (2:25)
Call On Me (Pathway Studios demo) (1:59)
(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes (Pathway Studios demo) (2:03)
I Don't Want To Go Home (Pathway Studios demo) (1:48)
I Hear A Melody (Pathway Studios demo) (2:13)

Disc 2 (Live At The Nashville Rooms, August 7, 1977):

Introduction by Dave Robinson (0:25)
Welcome To The Working Week (Live) (1:18)
Blame It On Cain (Live) (2:53)
No Dancing (Live) (2:57)
Waiting For The End Of The World (Live) (3:54)
Night Rally (Live) (2:34)
Hoover Factory (Live) (2:01)
No Action (Live) (2:31)
(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (Live) (3:03)
Miracle Man (Live) (3:53)
The Beat (Live) (3:46)
Less Than Zero (Live) (3:27)
(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes (Live) (2:57)
Lipstick Vogue (Live) (3:59)
Watching The Detectives (Live) (4:23)
Lip Service (Live) (4:31)
Mystery Dance (Live) (3:34)
Alison (Live) (3:33)
Pay It Back (Soundcheck) (2:23)
Radio Sweetheart (Soundcheck) (2:56)
Sneaky Feelings (Soundcheck) (2:16)
Crawling To The USA (Soundcheck) (3:00)
Alison (Soundcheck) (3:25)

[2007-09-11; 2xCD; Hip-O B0009514-02 (US)]


House soundtrack album cover.jpg

House M.D.: Original Television Soundtrack
various artists

Beautiful (Linda Perry) (3:49) - EC

[2007-09-18; CD (US)]


Bajofondo Mar Dulce album cover.jpg

Mar Dulce

Fairly Right (Gustavo Santaolalla) (5:59) - Bajofondo & EC

[2007-11-06; CD; Surco 1742932 (Argentina)]
[2008-07-15; CD (US)]



The Number Ones album cover.jpg

Liverpool - The Number Ones Album
various artists

Don't Throw Your Love Away (Jackson/Wisner) (2:54) - EC & Amsterdam

[2008-02-04; CD (UK)]


This Year's Model Deluxe Edition album cover.jpg

This Year's Model: Deluxe Edition
Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Disc 1:

No Action (2:01)
This Year's Girl (3:20)
The Beat (3:47)
Pump It Up (3:15)
Little Triggers (2:41)
You Belong To Me (2:22)
Hand In Hand (2:36)
(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (3:09)
Lip Service (2:38)
Living In Paradise (3:46)
Lipstick Vogue (3:33)
Night Rally (2:43)
Radio, Radio (3:05)
Big Tears (3:09)
Crawling To The USA (2:52)
Tiny Steps (2:41)
Running Out Of Angels (Demo Version) (2:02)
Greenshirt (Demo Version) (2:20)
Big Boys (Demo Version) (2:58)
Neat Neat Neat (Live) (Brian James) (3:16)
Roadette Song (Live) (Dury/Hardy) (2:07)
This Year's Girl (Alternate Eden Studios Version)
(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (Alternate Basing Street Studios Version) (2:57)

Disc 2 (Live At The Warner Theatre, Washington, DC, February 28, 1978):

Pump It Up (Live) (3:31)
No Action (Live) (3:59)
Less Than Zero (Dallas Version) (Live) (4:28)
The Beat (Live) (3:43)
(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes (Live) (2:35)
(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (Live) (3:57)
Hand In Hand (Live) (2:53)
Little Triggers (Live) (3:07)
Radio, Radio (Live) (2:37)
You Belong To Me (Live) (2:54)
Lipstick Vogue (Live) (5:02)
Watching The Detectives (Live) (6:01)
Mystery Dance (Live) (3:57)
Miracle Man (Live) (4:24)
Blame It On Cain (Live) (4:05)
Chemistry Class (Live) (2:43)

[2008-03-04; 2xCD; Hip-O B0010681-02 (US)]


Momofuku album cover.jpg

Elvis Costello & The Imposters

No Hiding Place (3:59)
American Gangster Time (3:45)
Turpentine (5:39)
Harry Worth (4:27)
Drum & Bone (2:34)
Flutter & Wow (4:16)
Stella Hurt (4:46)
Mr. Feathers (2:44)
My Three Sons (3:05)
Song With Rose (EC/Rosanne Cash) (3:02)
Pardon Me, Madam, My Name Is Eve (EC/Loretta Lynn) (3:53)
Go Away (4:55)

[2008-04-22; 2xLP; Lost Highway (US)]
[2008-05-06; CD; Lost Highway B0011109-02 (US)]


The Second Wave album cover.jpg

The Second Wave
various artists

(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? (Nick Lowe) - EC+A

[2008-__-__; CD; Starbucks Entertainment/Rhino OPCD-8185 CDS-134 (US)]


Jenny Lewis Acid Tongue album cover.jpg

Acid Tongue
Jenny Lewis

Carpetbaggers (Johnathan Rice) (3:33) - Jenny Lewis & EC

[2008-09-23; CD; Warner Bros. 508668-2 (US)]


Charlie Haden Rambling Boy album cover.jpg

Rambling Boy
Charlie Haden Family & Friends

You Win Again (Hank Williams) (3:12) - Charlie Haden & EC

[2008-09-23; CD; Decca B0011639-02 (US)]


ONXRT Live From The Archives Vol. 11 album cover.jpg

ONXRT: Live From The Archives Vol. 11
various artists

(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes (live in Chicago, 1996-05-18) - EC

[2008-09-30; CD (US)]


Carpetbaggers US 7" single front sleeve.jpg

Carpetbaggers single
Jenny Lewis

Carpetbaggers (Johnathan Rice) - Jenny Lewis & EC
Go Away - Jenny Lewis & Her Sound (actually EC)

[2008-10-13; 7"; Rough Trade (UK)]
[2009-04-18; 7"; Rhino R7 518771 (US)]


Lucinda Williams Little Honey album cover.jpg

Little Honey
Lucinda Williams

Jailhouse Tears (Lucinda Williams) (5:25) - Lucinda Williams & EC

[2008-10-14; CD (US)]


The Coolest Songs In The World! Vol. 7 album cover.jpg

The Coolest Songs In The World! Vol. 7
various artists

American Gangster Time - EC+I

[2008-11-25; CD; Wicked Cool (US)]



Complicated Shadows US 7" single front sleeve.jpg

Complicated Shadows single
Elvis Costello

Complicated Shadows (2:53)
Dirty Rotten Shame (3:48)

[2009-04-28; 7"; Hear Music/Specialty HRM-31454-01 (US, ps)]

This was scheduled for release on Record Store Day, April 18, 2009, but it was the victim of production delays.


Secret Profane & Sugarcane album cover.jpg

Secret, Profane & Sugarcane
Elvis Costello

Down Among The Wines And Spirits (3:11)
Complicated Shadows (2:53)
I Felt The Chill Before The Winter Came (EC/Loretta Lynn) (3:59)
My All Time Doll (4:09)
Hidden Shame (4:14)
She Handed Me A Mirror (4:04)
I Dreamed Of My Old Lover (2:35)
How Deep Is The Red? (3:47)
She Was No Good (3:47)
Sulphur To Sugarcane (EC/T Bone Burnett) (5:59)
Red Cotton (5:43)
The Crooked Line (EC/T Bone Burnett) (3:49)
Changing Partners (Larry Coleman/Joe Darion) (2:39)
Femme Fatale (Lou Reed) (3:49) - LP, Japan CD, iTunes
What Lewis Did Last (EC/Traditional) (4:49) - LP, Japan CD, Amazon US download, iTunes Europe pre-order
Dirty Rotten Shame (3:48) - iTunes US/Canada pre-order

[2009-06-02; CD; Hear Music (US)]
[2009-06-03; CD; Hear Music UCCO-3012 (Japan)]


Amy Allison Sheffield Streets album cover.jpg

Sheffield Streets
Amy Allison

Monsters Of The Id (Mose Allison) (3:27) - Amy Allison & EC

[2009-06-23; CD; Urban Myth Recording Collective UM-128-2 (US)]

This album was available for download from Amy Allison's Bandcamp site by the end of May.


Rosanne Cash The List album cover.jpg

The List
Rosanne Cash

Heartaches By The Number (Harlan Howard) - Rosanne Cash & EC

[2009-10-06; CD; (US)]


Kats Karavan album cover.jpg

Kats Karavan: The History Of John Peel On The Radio
various artists

High Fidelity (BBC version) - EC+A

[2009-10-26; 4xCD; (UK)]

The EC track is previously unreleased and from his 4th John Peel Session (recorded 1980-02-25, broadcast 1980-03-03, produced by Tony Wilson).


Serve4 album cover.jpg

Serve4: Artists Against Hunger & Poverty
various artists

The River In Reverse (live at WHY Chapin Awards, 2008-06-09) (5:08) - EC & Allen Toussaint

[2009-11-03; MP3; download services (US)]

The EC track is available as an "album only" download from sellers such as Amazon, Napster, and Rhapsody. The version of Serve4 on iTunes has a shorter tracklist which omits the EC song.


The Tiswas Album album cover.jpg

The Tiswas Album
various artists

I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (Banks/Jones) - EC+A

[2009-11-30; 3xCD; EMI TV 50999 3 06347 2 S/VTDCD 972 (UK)]

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