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Ec mfbb cover mid.jpg

My Flame Burns Blue
Elvis Costello with The Metropole Orkest
Disc 1: My Flame Burns Blue

Hora Decubitus (EC/Mingus) (5:44)
Favourite Hour (3:58)
That's How You Got Killed Before (Dave Bartholomew) (4:14)
Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue (5:11)
Clubland (4:51)
Almost Blue (5:47)
Dust (5:41) - JPN & iTunes (US/Canada) bonus track
Speak Darkly, My Angel (3:58)
Almost Ideal Eyes (4:16)
Can You Be True? (3:56)
Put Away Forbidden Playthings (4:22)
Episode Of Blonde (6:09)
My Flame Burns Blue (Blood Count) (EC/Strayhorn) (5:13)
Watching The Detectives (5:23)
God Give Me Strength (EC/Bacharach) (6:55)
Still (2:24) - iTunes (non-US/Canada) bonus track

Disc 2: Il Sogno Suite

Prelude (0:46)
Overture (1:18)
Puck 1 (2:20)
The Court (2:28)
Workers' Playtime (2:10)
Oberon And Titania (4:14)
The Conspiracy Of Oberon And Puck (1:08)
Puck 2 (1:49)
The Identity Parade (4:41)
The Face Of Bottom (2:48)
The Spark Of Love (4:23)
Tormentress (1:41)
Oberon Humbled (3:40)
Twisted - Entangled (2:38)
The Fairy And The Ass (1:32)
Sleep (2:51)
The Play (1:29)
The Wedding (4:16)

[2006-01-13; 2xCD; Deutsche Grammophon UCCH-1015/6 (Japan)]
[2006-02-28; 2xCD (US)]
[2006-03-13; 2xCD (UK)]


Tears album cover.jpg

various artists

She (Aznavour/Kretzmer) - EC

[2006-02-08; CD; UICZ-1201 (Japan)] [1]


The Chieftains The Essential Chieftains album cover.jpg

The Essential Chieftains
The Chieftains

Long Journey Home (EC/Moloney) - The Chieftains + Irish Film Orch. + EC

[2006-02-21; 2xCD; Legacy Recordings 82876753982 (US)]


The Punk Revolution Of Rock In 70's UK Hits album cover.jpg

The Punk Revolution Of Rock In 70's - UK Hits
various artists

(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea - EC+A

[2006-02-22; CD; TOCP-67870 (Japan)] [2]


Who Are These People iTunes artwork.jpg

Who Are These People? single
Burt Bacharach & Elvis Costello

Who Are These People? (Explicit Version) (Burt Bacharach/Tonio K) (4:13)

[2006-03-07; AAC/MP3; download services (US)]


The Juliet Letters Rhino album cover.jpg

The Juliet Letters (Rhino/Edsel reissue)
Elvis Costello & The Brodsky Quartet
Disc 1: The Juliet Letters

Deliver Us (0:48)
For Other Eyes (EC/Cassidy/M.P. Thomas) (2:54)
Swine (EC/Cassidy) (2:05)
Expert Rites (2:22)
Dead Letter (Cassidy) (2:18)
I Almost Had A Weakness (EC/M. Thomas) (3:52)
Why? (EC/Belton) (1:24)
Who Do You Think You Are? (EC/M. Thomas/M.P. Thomas) (3:25)
Taking My Life In Your Hands (EC/J. Thomas/M.P. Thomas/Cassidy) (3:17)
This Offer Is Unrepeatable (EC/Brodsky Quartet) (3:11)
Dear Sweet Filthy World (EC/Belton/M.P. Thomas) (4:16)
The Letter Home (EC/Belton/Cassidy) (3:08)
Jacksons, Monk And Rowe (EC/M. Thomas/J. Thomas) (3:42)
This Sad Burlesque (EC/Cassidy) (2:46)
Romeo's Seance (EC/M. Thomas/M.P. Thomas) (3:29)
I Thought I'd Write To Juliet (4:06)
Last Post (Michael Thomas) (2:24)
The First To Leave (4:57)
Damnation's Cellar (3:25)
The Birds Will Still Be Singing (4:27)

Disc 2: Bonus Disc

She Moved Through The Fair (Trad. arr. Cassidy) (4:44)
Pills And Soap (Live) (4:37)
King Of The Unknown Sea (Live) (EC/M. Thomas) (3:51)
Skeleton (Live) (Michael Thomas) (4:54)
More Than Rain (Live) (Tom Waits) (3:23)
God Only Knows (Live) (Wilson/Asher) (3:58)
They Didn't Believe Me (Live) (Kern/Reynolds) (3:59)
O Mistress Mine (Shakespeare/Harle) (4:03) - John Harle with EC
Come Away, Death (Shakespeare/Harle) (4:27) - John Harle with EC
Put Away Forbidden Playthings (Live) (4:12) - EC & Fretwork
Can She Excuse My Wrongs (Live) (John Dowland) (4:03) - EC, Fretwork & Composers Ensemble
Fire Suite 1 (Nathanson/Dobbins) (5:27) - Roy Nathanson with Cyrus Chestnut & EC
Fire Suite 3 (Nathanson/Dobbins) (3:19) - Roy Nathanson with EC
Fire Suite Reprise (EC/Nathanson/Dobbins) (2:36) - Roy Nathanson with EC
Gigi (Live) (Lerner/Loewe]) (4:14) - EC & Bill Frisell
Deep Dead Blue (Live) (EC/Frisell) (3:45) - EC & Bill Frisell
Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue (Live) (4:34) - EC & The Punishing Kiss Band
Lost In The Stars (Weill/Anderson) (3:56)

[2006-03-21; 2xCD; Rhino R2 73363 (US)]
[2006-04-24; 2xCD; Rhino (UK)]


Verve Today 2006 album cover.jpg

Verve Today 2006
various artists

The Sharpest Thorn - EC + Allen Toussaint

[2006-04-07; CD; Verve (Universal) (Germany)]


The River In Reverse album cover.jpg

The River In Reverse
Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint

On Your Way Down (Toussaint) (4:55)
Nearer To You (Toussaint) (3:32)
Tears, Tears And More Tears (Toussaint) (3:30)
The Sharpest Thorn (EC/Toussaint) (4:16)
Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further? (Toussaint) (5:04)
The River In Reverse (EC) (4:32)
Freedom For The Stallion (Toussaint) (2:58)
Broken Promise Land (EC/Toussaint) (4:34)
Ascension Day (EC/Allen Toussaint/Byrd) (2:58)
International Echo (EC/Toussaint) (4:59)
All These Things (Toussaint) (4:07)
Wonder Woman (Toussaint) (3:08)
Six-Fingered Man (EC/Toussaint) (4:32)
The Greatest Love (Toussaint) (3:47) - bonus track on Japan edition
Where Is The Love (EC/Toussaint) (3:54) - iTunes release

[2006-05-27; CD+DVD; Verve Forecast UCCB-9011 (Japan)]
[2006-05-29; CD; Verve 9856057 (UK)]
[2006-05-29; CD+DVD; Verve 9856725 (UK)]
[2006-05-29; LP; Verve (UK)]
[2006-06-06; CD; Verve Forecast (USA)]
[2006-06-06; 2xLP; Verve Forecast (USA)]


Rough Trade Shops Singer Songwriter 1 album cover.jpg

Rough Trade Shops: Singer Songwriter 1
various artists

I Want You - EC+A

[2006-06-26; 2xCD; Mute (UK)]


Songbook 20 Classic Standards From The Modern Masters Of Swing album cover.jpg

Songbook - 20 Classic Standards From The Modern Masters Of Swing
various artists

She (Aznavour/Kretzmer) - EC

[2006-07-04; CD; Universal Music (New Zealand)]


Duets An American Classic album cover.jpg

Duets: An American Classic
Tony Bennett

Are You Havin' Any Fun? (Fain/Yellen) - Tony Bennett & EC

[2006-09-26; CD (US)]
[2006-10-30; CD (UK)]


Weeds Soundtrack cover.jpg

Weeds: Music From The Showtime Original Series Volume 2
various artists

Little Boxes (Malvina Reynolds) (0:53) - EC

[2006-10-17; CD (US)]


HSP album cover small.jpg

The Harry Smith Project: Anthology Of American Folk Music Revisited
various artists

The Butcher's Boy (Live) (Traditional) - EC
Ommie Wise Part 1 & 2 (What Lewis Did Last...) (Live) (Traditional/EC) - Kate & Anna McGarrigle with EC

[2006-10-24; 2xCD+2xDVD (US)]