Drexel University Triangle, February 20, 1981

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Extraordinary Elvis gains a little class

Evelyn Hess

What can I say? Elvis Costello's new album Trust is extraordinary. This is the first album that I have reviewed that I looked forward to playing again (and again). To change an old cliché, if you didn't like Elvis before, you will hate him for putting out another album; but if you liked him before, you will have to love him now. — And it is orgasm city for the established Elvis lovers.

Trust is generally an improvement over Elvis's previous albums. Elvis's style is more simple and straightforward, leaving room for him to explore the possibilities of his own voice. In other words, Elvis is mellowing out some so that he does not become stifled by a rowdy image.

Already, the album has two hits, "Watch Your Step" on the first side, and "Shot With His Own Gun," a slow ballad on the second side. Trust includes twenty fresh songs, which is par for an Elvis album.

The second side is especially exceptional with a whole variety of songs. "New Lace Sleeves" shows Elvis's old bite in his stinging lyrics, such as "ministers crawling under covers" and "you look so civilized." He tries a new sound by singing a duet with Chris Differ (the lead singer of the Squeeze) in a catchy tune called "From a Whisper to a Scream." "Put Your Ring on a Different Finger" is Elvis's attempt at country, but its best points are still rock-based. "White knuckles" is the typical song you would expect on an earlier album. The final song, "Big Sister's Clothes" is one the fine points on Trust even though producer Nick Lowe would not associate himself with it.

All together, these songs blend well and yet vary enough to make the album seem new each time it is played. Yes, Elvis lost a little rowdiness and obstinance, but at the same time he gained a little class.


Drexel Triangle, February 20, 1981

Evelyn Hess reviews Trust.


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