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Well, I dreamed I was in Egypt
And all my friends were there
They were talking about a leader
Could lead them from their cares
Singing songs and writing postcards
Waiting for him to arrive
Once or twice I thought I saw some vapor trails
But it must have been my eyes

Well, I was standing alone in Egypt
On the virgin sand
Trying to figure what was happening there
His pistol in my hand
There were people acting crazy
Or maybe it was me
Once or twice I thought I made some overtures
But I knew this could not be

"Well, I'll speak to you later," I said to my best friend
"See you later, yourself," he said to me right back again
Yes, and I had to testify every word is true
But in the meantime, baby
What is there – just me and you

I said come on, come on down to Egypt
Stay there for awhile
You can join in celebrations
Help us build a smile
Hey, what is this sense of sadness
That makes me feel strangely glad?
It's just that something that dies is being reborn
And you know that can't be bad

Written byNick Lowe
Performed byElvis Costello
Produced byRandy Labbe
MusiciansElvis Costello - vocals, guitar, bass, percussion
Recorded2001, unknown location, Dublin
ReleasedSeptember 25, 2001
Various Artists collectionsLabour Of Love: The Music Of Nick Lowe, 2001

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Labour Of Love: The Music Of Nick LoweLabour Of Love The Music Of Nick Lowe album cover.jpg

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