Ein Lied Von Liebe Und Tod - Gloomy Sunday

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Die Original-Filmmusik
Ein Lied Von Liebe Und Tod
Gloomy Sunday
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Soundtrack by
Various artists

Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod (English: Gloomy Sunday — A Song of Love and Death, Hungarian: Szomorú vasárnap) is a 1999 film.

Although the movie centers on a romantic love triangle with tragic consequences, it has a strong history background, set in World War II Hungary. The film is based on the novel by Nick Barkow, co-written and directed by Rolf Schübel and tells a fictional story about the creation of the infamous song "Gloomy Sunday".

Soundtrack includes EC cover of Gloomy Sunday.


TitlePerformer(s) Length
1. Intro  Detlef Petersen 2:17
2. Szomoro Vasarnap  Detlef Petersen 2:13
3. Gloomy Sunday  Heather Nova 4:33
4. Andras Spielt  Detlef Petersen 2:12
5. Andras Und Ilona  Detlef Petersen 3:02
6. Ilonas Lied  Detlef Petersen 2:18
7. Gloomy Sunday  Marianne Faithfull 3:15
8. Szomoro Vasarnap (Melody)  Detlef Petersen 3:51
9. Dreisamkeit  Detlef Petersen 5:19
10. Gloomy Sunday (Das Lied Vom Traurigen Sonntag)  Erika Marozsan 1:33
11. Abschied  Detlef Petersen 2:31
12. Immer Nur Trinken (Gyorgi Selmeczy)  Gyorgi Selmeczy 1:39
13. Gloomy Sunday  Elvis Costello 3:15
14. Lazlo In Gefahr  Detlef Petersen 5:06
15. Ilonas Gelöbnis  Detlef Petersen 3:58
16. Down In Budapest  Erika Marozsan, Dag Lauveland 3:44
17. Das Lied Vom Traurigen Sonntag  Ben Becker 4:06

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