Elizabeth McQueen: Happy Doing What We're Doing

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Happy Doing What We're Doing
Elizabeth McQueen Happy Doing What We're Doing album cover.jpg
studio album by
Elizabeth McQueen
ReleasedFebruary 22, 2005
ProducerDavid Sanger

2005 album by Elizabeth McQueen includes a cover of "Almost Blue."


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Love's Melody (Ducks Deluxe)Andy McMasters 3:19
2. When I Write The Book (Rockpile)Lowe, Edmunds, Bremner, Williams 3:38
3. Annie Get Your Gun (Squeeze)Chris Difford, Glenn Tilbrook 3:39
4. You Ain't Nothin' But Fine  Sidney Semien, Floyd Soileau 2:57
5. Dirty Little Secret  Elizabeth McQueen, Wendy Mitchell 3:45
6. Almost Blue  Elvis Costello 2:52
7. Happy Doing What We're Doing (Brinsley Schwarz)Bob Andrews, Nick Lowe 3:49
8. All I Need Is Money (Eddie & the Hot Rods)Dave Higgs 2:58
9. A1 On The Jukebox  Will Birch, Dave Edmunds 3:06
10. Local Girls  Graham Parker 3:35
11. Home To You (Eggs Over Easy)Austin de Lone, Jack O'Hara 3:59
12. That's It, I Quit (Dr. Feelgood)Nick Lowe 2:40
13. Seven Nights To Rock  Henry Glover, Louis Innis 2:41

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