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Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello

King's Dock, Liverpool

Kevin Stout

Special guest appearance by Elvis at the Burt Bacharach concert at Liverpool's Summer Pops Festival.

Burt Bacharach talked about his recent writing and said over the past three years he had written material with a fine songwriter, namely Elvis Costello (much applause from the entire audience).

He spoke of their nomination for a Grammy which they didn't get (for "God Give Me Strength") and then how they did receive their Grammy the following year for "I Still Have That Other Girl."

Burt said he was going to play these songs now and as a special "surprise" (probably the worst kept secret on Merseyside!) he was going to be joined by the man he wrote them with.

Elvis came on suitably attired in tuxedo (no tie), along with his mobile phone. He explained that his mother Lilly had wanted to be there but was not too well, and that she had attempted several times to see her boy and Burt but to no avail.

For Elvis this was the "next best thing" and after telling everyone how on Monday the audience at his gig had sang a rousing chorus of "The Leaving Of Liverpool" for his mum (she is moving to Dublin with him), he said that they were now "broadcasting live."

They performed "I Still Have That Other Girl," which sounded wonderful, Elvis singing it from his soul.

They moved onto a song Elvis said he had sang "way back in 1977 with the Attractions when you weren't supposed to like this kind of stuff."

"I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" followed and the three-song appearance was rounded off with another brilliant vocal and musical performance of "God Give Me Strength."

Standing ovations for one of Liverpool's finest and Mr. Bacharach and then he was gone... Amazing!

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ElvisCostello.info, July 29, 2002

Kevin Stout reports on Elvis Costello's guest appearance at the Burt Bacharach concert, Friday, July 28, 2002, King's Dock, Liverpool, England.


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