Elvis Costello Information Service, June 1989

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Elvis Costello

Brandeis University


After the spectacular show at C.W. Post, the Brandeis concert was somewhat of a disappointment. For one thing, the gymnasium that hosted the concert was unbearably overcrowded and provided no ventilation. In short, it was uncomfortably hot inside. Perhaps this was the reason Elvis' set was more than an hour shorter (clocking in at one and a half hours). And rather than showcase the new material, this show was more a selection of greatest hits. Gone was "Wrong End of the Telescope" from the "New Amsterdam" medley. Gone were many of the songs from the new album. Only "Veronica," "God's Comic," and "Pads, Paws And Claws" remained. (Although he did perform "Baby Plays Around" when requested during the 13½ deadly sins section.) While still an enjoyable evening of music, the concert paled in comparison to the magical night at C.W. Post.

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ECIS, No. 45, June 1989

Contains 1989 concert reviews, including Thursday, April 13, 1989, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts.


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