Elvis Costello Information Service, October 1994

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Elvis Costello

City Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Peter Horsted

Elvis Costello walks on to the stage at the sold-out City Hall and the audience are immediately out of their seats. With loud applause ringing around the auditorium, Elvis and the band rip into an opening barrage of "Pony Street," "Clubland," "Beyond Belief" and "Sulky Girl." Nobody sits back down again. Seats or no seats, the City Hall (unlike the Royal Albert Hall a week earlier) is transformed into a makeshift dancehall tonight. The Attractions, although looking older than when I last saw them, sound as good as ever. I'm impressed with Brutal Youth — the best EC album since Spike — and "Kinder Murder," "Clown Strike" and "Sulky Girl" all sound good live. You can't forget the old standards though, and "Detectives," "Alison" and "Pump It Up" are as welcome as ever. Elvis said that it had been a long time since this band had played on stage together and hinted that this could, perhaps, be the last time. Let's hope not!

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ECIS, No. 77, October 1994

Peter Horsted reviews Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Wednesday, July 13, 1994, City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.


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