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Melanie Aalders & Graziakwartet performed live, May 2010, Utrecht, Netherlands 2010 websitewebsiteYouTube
Michael Anthony Austin and The Beatstrings recorded live, more information needed 2014 FacebookYouTube
Malika Ayane and Gnu Quartet performed live, September 2009, Milan, Italy 2009 YouTube
Jon Boden and the Sacconi Quartet performed live, September 2018, CLF Art Cafe, London, England, 2018 brownpapertickets.com Wikipedia
Stephanie Bühlmann, Dominik Auchli and Galatea Streichquartett performed live, 19 June 2016, Theater Stok, Zurich, Switzerland 2016 YouTubeinfoStephanie BühlmannGalatea Quartet
Felipe Cadenasso and Cuarteto Filarmónico performed live, July and August 2012, Santiago, Chile 2012 infoProgrammeFelipe Cadenasso
Letizia Dei and Quartetto Aphrodite performed live, 31 January 2015, Sala Vanni, Florence, Italy 2015 websiteYouTube
Devin DeSantis and the The Mercutio String Quartet performed live, August 2008 - Stokie Theatre, Chicago, IL 2008 YouTubeDevin DeSantis
d@morchestra performed live, May 2008 - more info needed 2008 YouTubedamorchestra
Fear No Music performed live 12 April 2011 at Atlantic Theatre, Portland, Oregon 2011 Fearnomusic.org
Diana Gonnissen and I Musici Brucellensis performed live, January 2011 and March 2011, Brussels and Etterbeek, Belgium 2011 infoDiana GonnissenYouTube
Katarzyna Groniec Listy Julii 2009 KatarzynaGroniec.pl
Flinders Quartet and Vince Jones performed live 17 March 2012 on The Music Show, ABC National Radio 2012 YouTubeabc.net.au
Tini Kainrath and StringFizz The Juliet Letters 2005 Tini KainrathStringfizz
Ines Agnes Krautwurst, Stephan König performed live, April, 2009, Leipzig, Germany 2009 YouTubeinfo
Kerry-Anne Kutz The Juliet Letters 2006 AMGAmazon.com
Sjöströmska Kvartetten & Alexander Lövmark performed live, 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden 2010 websiteYouTube
Litus performed live,15 February 2014, Nova Jazza Cava, Terrassa, Madrid, Spain 2014 websiteYouTube
Petra Magoni, Ferruccio Spinetti and Stefano Bollani Musica Nuda 2 2006 itunesYouTube
Karin Mårtenson performed live, 17 June 2017, Ribbingsnäs Ladugård, Jönköpings län, Sweden. 2017 websiteWikipediaYouTube
Vittorio Matteucci and Quartetto Paul Klee performed live, October 2009, Centro Culturale Altinate, San Gaetano, Padova, Italy 2009 infoVittorio MatteucciQuartetto Paul Klee
Michelle Murray and David Murray The Juliet Letters 2006 AMGAmazon.com
Tom Norris Tom Norris sings Elvis Costello and Brodsky Quartet's Juliet Letters 2011 wikipediasoundcloud.com
Cuarteto Granada & Luis Regidor performed live, 17 November, 2011, Malaga, Spain 2011 websiteYouTube
Amandakvartettet & Ola Salo performed live, February 2009, Palladium in Malmö, Sweden 2009 wikipediaYouTube
Gävle Symphony Orchestra & Ola Salo performed live, 24 March 2012, Gävle, Sweden 2012 Gävle SymfoniorkesterYouTube
Ola Salo & The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra performed live, 4 February 2012 and 16 August 2012, Stockholm, Sweden 2012 YouTubeYouTube
David Saulesco & Prismakvartetten performed live, 3 March 2015, Södra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden 2015 YouTubeinfoDavid Saulesco
Tomer Sharon & the Israel Contemporary String Quartet performed live, 18-21 February 2007, Jewish Community Centre, Vancouver, Canada 2007 websiteYouTube
Helen Sjöholm & The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra performed live, 7 January 2010, Stockholm, Sweden 2010 fansiteYouTube
Nano Stern with the Surkos string quartet performed live, 27 May 2012, San Sebastian, Spain 2012 YouTubeinfo
Sol String Quartet with Paul Villaluz performed live, 6 December 2008, College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas 2008 YouTubeLas Vegas Sun review
Willy Jazz String Quartet with German H. Solis Cartas a Julieta performed live 2011 YouTubeinfo