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Australian Crawl performed live, 1980 1980 info
Beatsteaks (aka Die Roys) Cut Off The Top 2007
Beatsteaks (aka Die Roys) performed live, 2007-11-21, Mannheim 2007 YouTube
The BelAirs performed live, 2004 2004 info needed
Bluesix Looking At The Cover 1998 linklink
Buddy Love Combo performed live info needed
Justine Bateman & the Mystery SatisfactionSoundtrack / Various Artists 1988 AMGWikipediaSoundtrackcollector
Chef Eddy performed live, 2011-02-19, The Wet Whistle, Jenkintown, PA 2011 YouTube
The Cold performed live, New Orleans, 1980 1980
Davy & the Crocketts performed live, Buffalo, NY, 1979 1979 link
Dyan Diamond In The Dark 1978 Allmusic
Dyan Diamond performed live, 1980-03-14, Los Angeles, CA 1980
Elastic No-No Band Every Elvis Has His Army: ENB Does EC 2005 website with download
Ronny Elliott and the Nationals performed live, Costello tribute, Tampa, 2001-08-17 2001 info
Firehose performed live, 1987-06-04, London & 1989-09-05, Manchester 1987 etree
Ellen Foley performed live, 1980-02-14, Amsterdam 1980 etreeinfo
Greg Goodwill performed live, Portland, ME 2001 link
The Guts Say Goodbye to Fun (EP) 2003 AMGAmazon
ICU Stringband performed live, Costello Tribute, 2017-03-16, Harlows, Sacremento CA 2017 YouTube
Infamous Scientists performed live, 1985-09-25, La Hacienda, Victoria, BC 1985 info
Nick Lowe performed live, 2010-10-01, RDSHP benefit, San Francisco, CA 2010 Richard de Lone Special Housing Project
Misspent Youth info needed
The Moondogs performed live, 1988-08-??, War Eagle Supper Club, Auburn, AL 1988 YouTube
The Nerve Coupe De Ville 2004 cdbaby
The Nighthawks performed live, 1978-01-26, WGTB-FM Studios, Washington, DC 1978
The Nighthawks Nighthawks Live reissue 1996 AMGAmazon
Takashi O'Hashi Project Neither Reality Nor Fiction 1991 linklink
Oliver's Army (Dallas) performed live, Dallas-area Costello tribute band 2003+ OliversArmyBand
The Pedestrians An Evening At Pearl's Hurricane 2001 AMGAmazon
Pop Rocks (Pat Dull) Pop Rocks Live (EP) 1988 info needed
The Radiators performed live, 1999, 2009 1999 -
The Rainmakers performed live, 1985, Fayetteville, AR 1985
The Rave Band performed live 1978 link
The Rugburns performed live, 2005-12-31, Ramona, CA 2005
Joe Scarborough & The Roots performed live, 2009-08-05, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 2009 Hulu
Erich Sellheim home studio production, sung in German 2013 YouTube
The Shambles performed live, 2008-06-28, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA 2008 info
Surrender Dorothy performed live, 2008, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2008
Patrik Tanner A Tribute To Elvis Costello 2004
Three Bean Salad Shut Up And Eat Your Beans 2001 AMGAmazon
Bob Walkenhorst performed live, 2004-2007, Kansas City, MO 2004+
The Walkin Talkin Toxins Apocalypse-Au-Go-Go 2005 AMGcdbaby
Kris Woolsey The Loser's Lounge Tribute to Elvis CostelloVarious Artists 2002 LosersLounge
Alexander Zhadov performed live, Cerveceria de la Vila, Barcelona, Spain 2013 YouTube

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